New To Renoise!

I’ve been locked into Impulse Tracker for 5 years. I’d always used FT2 for sample editing, and did all the tracking in IT. I tried other trackers, made a very solid effort with buzz, but nothing ever took the place of Impulse Tracker.

It took me about 3 years to register my copy of Impulse Tracker
But I’m guessing renoise will get my scratch much quicker.

I’ve been gushing to all my friends for the last week about how great this software is.

The ONLY flaw I’ve found (and I haven’t gotten to use the 1.5, so it may have been addressed) is the row-highlighting. I want every 4 and every 16 - my brain has come to rely on it.


i used also impulse tracker for a long time. (started with scream tracker and then moved to IT)

But a year ago i got myselt a new PC and new OS (win 2000) so i started to look for windows based tracker. When i found Renoise i was really impressed by its features… B)

I must say that switching to different tracker causes always a little backstroke in creativity (at least for me) because fo the new interface, new features etc that u r not used to… But when u use it for a little while then everything will work out soon… :yeah:

I second this!!! Every time I use Renoise, I tell myself that I should post something about it, and forget about it by the time I actually start uisng the web.

There should be two separate highlights that are each configurable for their own individual color and frequency.

That is all I have to say…lets dance!!

:yeah: :w00t: :panic: :drummer: :guitar: :w00t: :yeah:


Why’d that make me laugh my ass off??? :lol:

Can also be described like this: :guitar:

Well, in my head it was an eruption-esque guitar-celebration! The icon looks more like brooding chunk-rock. :lol:

So, I just downloaded the Demo-Version and I think I am gonna register, if I paid my car…

I used Modplug and I still do but Renoise is absolutely fantastic. As an old FT2-enthusiast I really think the handling is great and you can create fantastic tracks with this piece of software.

What I really like is that renoise has this neat VSTi-Support which makes creating semiprofessional music much easier. I still remember those days when I plugged in several DSP-plugins and a lot of ZXX-Macros in MPT to get a realistic orchestra sound…

Great work!

So, I am off for now…