New 'tool' 16 harmonic additive synth

(toblerpone) #1

It’s a wavetable based 16 harmonic additive synth that works with the supplied instrument, and supports clipping.

Access the menu entry by right-clicking the sample waveform.

I was running through my script folder and noticed i never shared it.

(Djeroek) #2

It’s a wavetable based 16 harmonic additive synth that works with the supplied instrument , and supports clipping.

So it doesn’t work with any sampled instrument, that’d explains this notice running it on a short loop;

‘C:\Users\pluge\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.1.0\Scripts\Tools\\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

Please contact the author (tblr | tblr@tblr.tblr) for assistance…

std::logic_error: ‘invalid frame index ‘169’. valid values are (1 to 168).’

stack traceback:

[C]: in function ‘set_sample_data’

main.lua:50: in function ‘finalise_t’

main.lua:60: in function ‘transform_phase_table’

main.lua:69: in function ‘transform_amp_table’

main.lua:134: in function main.lua:132

(toblerpone) #3

It only works with the supplied instrument. If there is a demand, and if someone can tell me how to generate clean sines at any frequency and sample rate (I forgot how I did it) I can remove that limitation (if i remember correctly 384 sample frames was the lowest i could get without aliasing on the 16th harmonic) and add a bit of scripting possibilities too.

(Djeroek) #4

Although I keep getting the notice when trying it on a hand drawn sample, the sound does seem to be affected through the tool somehow.

edit; the waveform in the sample editor however remains the same shape, if you select another instrument then back again the waveform is updated.

(toblerpone) #5

It needs 384 sample frames to work. The speed in lua can only be achieved if there are no calculations involved, hence the use of a wavetable.

It overwrites those 384 sampels each time, simply adding each harmonic’s wavetable to the sample.


(Neuro... No Neuro) #6

@gova I don’t see this tool here, is there any way it could be made available to download again?

(toblerpone) #7 (10.0 KB)

here you go

(Neuro... No Neuro) #8

Thank you!