New Tool (2.6 - 3.0): Pattern Rotate

Pattern Shift.

This is useful.

Pattern Rotate seems more of a term to turn the pattern sideways.
or even upside down, which might be useful too.

OctaMED on Amiga has this functionality… I’m sure it was ‘rotate pattern’

Just what i was looking for, many thanks!

  1. Why isn’t this on the Tools page?

  2. Feature request: Rotate using the delay column. The option to set a number between 0 an FF would appear when rotate “By Lines” is between 0 and 1.

Great little tool, thanks!

‘renoise pattern rotate’ is what i typed into google (first try!) to get to this page. this is exactly what i wanted. was actually kind of surprised it wasn’t included by default.

This tool is not working after 2.6.1 update
when i’m trying to rotate content it returns empty pattern (whole)

Thanks. Fixed in V03 (see first post). There are also new modes (Whole Song, Track in Song) now.

Will also try to get this on the tools page soon.

Indeed a very useful tool taktik!
The name though confused me a lot (well it doesn’t take much to confuse a mac user ;p) and only after playing around with the tool a bit I got its meaning.
Rotate is something I do often with images on or on the iPhone by 90 or 180 degrees, maybe that’s why I mistook it as something like the “Flip” function in the Pattern Advanced Edit.

I vote for Ledger’s suggestion: “Note Conveyor” or just “Conveyor”. It nails it pretty much.

Still not on the Tools page? Booo!

Manifest.xml in SVN needs a version number update.


To the tools page with this! (and hopefully native? ;) )

“rotate or cycle up/down”
shift is for bitcrushin programmers :P
anyway. this is one of those things renoise was missing :)

by the way. i want to fix this for api 2… alright?

On the tools page. Finally.

maybe i should wait for asking this after official renoise release, but i’m checking all my nonworking tools at the moment. could you update this for 2.8 some time? :heart:

Update bump for 2.8. New version can be downloaded on the tool pages:

great! :D

Thats one of the tools I use all day long,

any chance to get this updated that it works within the phrase editor too?