New Tool (2.6 - 3.0): Pattern Rotate

I often end up in patterns which start off-beat, and fixing those off-beat patterns is quite a pain in Renoise.

Heres a small tool which makes that easier by rotating pattern content: Shifting content up and down, wrapping at the pattern borders. Either whole patterns, a single track in a pattern, or selections in a pattern can be shifted. Automation optionally can be rotated as well.

There are also keyboard shortcuts to quickly rotate rotate selections in a pattern.



If someone finds this useful, I’ll test this a bit more add this to the tools page.

Btw: Is “rotate” or “shift” the correct term, or how should such a “wrapping shift” be called?

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I think “shift” is more common. “rotate”, in my mind, indicates an exchange of something, like rotating players in sports or rotating the tires.

I am seriously loving all these macro-level tools.

Join/split/rotate pattern/beatslicer are a formidable set of tools for song (re)arrangement.

Thanks looks like a great tool. Either name is fine I think… for me rotate is a more apt and descriptful name, but maybe not to people who aren’t acutely aware that it is actually rotating the content just like a panoramic image or whatever. Maybe you can call it shiftate, rotashift or something else like that. Who says you can’t please everyone. :)

“pattern rolling” would maybe be more appropriate?

thanks for this tool, input-twist ?

nice tool! pretty for just playing around with rhythms in patterns!

“wrap around” or something would be pretty accurate.

I was thinking Cyclic Shift, as in it shifts the data but it cycles back around to the start rather than pushing it off the edge.

Whatever naming you go with I’m sure will suit and the users will get used to though.

yes i love em too :yeah:

Hell yes! I imagined this tool, but you’ve done it better than my imagination.

Great tool!
Had the same problem over and over again. Now solved, saves much time. Thank you, very nice :)

Now there’s no excuse for booting up the AXS tracker anymore.

Thanks for this!

Maybe "Note Conveyor"

I just got this, out of the blue:

I wasn’t doing anything, so I don’t seem to be able to replicate it again, cause I want to do something. :)

Have you maybe modified some of the files (manifest.xml) in some way?
This should either always or never happen.

Thanks for the feedback. Will add a few more options soon and try to make the thing a bit faster, then add it to the tools page.

Looks like there simply is no clear one-word description for what it’s doing, so I’ll simply keep it Pattern Rotate…

No, I haven’t touched any of the xml files.

and now this comes up, every time I want to popup the gui the stepsequencer:

Is it possible that one script fucks up another?

I re-installed the stepqequencer, and that one seems fine now.
But other scripts (ircclient, preclick, stepsequencer) started to sporadiccaly popup the same message: "Expected a ‘ld’ value in the form ‘abc.def.ghi’ even after rebooting.
So, maybe manifest.xml seems to be modified after all, but by what?

Cycler, cyclic, cycle are words that would make sense to me for this tool. Remember Melon Tracker on the Amiga? They had slight gradiented shading/darkening on the top and bottom of the pattern display which gave the nice illusion that the pattern was scrolling round on an actual piano roll (like in old Western movies, not a DAW piano roll), or a Tibetan prayer wheel, or something. That would be a cute little feature for Renoise, and anyone who takes a glance at Melon Tracker (AKA Heart Tracker, but Melon used it internally for prods and then released it) will see why words like ‘rotate’ and ‘cycle’ make a certain kind of sense in this context. :D

The folder-name might lack the .xrnx extension. When it does, you also get this error.

Useful tool indeed, and pattern rolling (It-Alien’s suggestions) makes more sense.