New Tool (2.7 & 2.8): Copy Automation

Just finished a small tool i was missing so far. As usual report any bugs you find to me.

Blurp: This tool makes it easy to copy and paste automation data for the complete song between different device parameters.

To access this tool, open the automation editor and do a right click on one of the automated parameters in the list. Once copied find your target parameter and do a right click again for pasting the data.

You can copy the automation envelopes or pattern command automation or both at once. Pasting works for all types the same, but pasting pattern commands can be done with a conversion to an envelope too. The tool also takes care to convert pattern command automation for panning, volume and width to their proper effect commands.

In some cases pasting pattern command automation may be disabled. This can happen when you have no empty effect column left in the target channel or when the target parameter is out of bounds, which is limited by the internal pattern command resolution. The status bar will give you a notice then.

[b]Download 2.7 & 2.8


I remember this request coming up and trying to find a way to do it without a serious headache from with Renoise and failing so let me be the first to say thanks for this :)

A way to shift up/down and squash/compress the entire automation now could come in massively useful, for where you want the automation to follow but it doesn’t want to land on exactly the same values. Think that’s something Renoise is likely to have to address, not you with the tool, though.

You could base the parameter transition on percentual copy/paste when polarity between target and source parameter differ.

Thanks for the tool!

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Done. Actually all i had to do was to remove my polarity check. There is actually no difference between the two and for bipolar the 0 point is simply 50.


awesome tool thank you!!

You rule!!! This is going to be a big, big, big timesaver for me. Thanks so much! :D

thanks beatslaughter. first the amazing samplepack which i use all the time (also used for my entry for the Bleep compo, so taking this opportunity to give you even more credit and thank you once again), and now this. great stuff.

New version in first post. Added support for pattern command automation and a conversion feature, which can be used to paste pattern command automation as envelopes.

^ wow, was thinking about making a feature/script request for this just this weekend. talk about timing. thanks again!

Another update was published in the first post. The menu was lagging like hell with big songs and pattern command automation in the clipboard. Made sure now, that the scan for an empty effect column is called as less as possible. Also the conversion from pattern commands to envelopes had a typo and the converted values were too far off. Added more robust error checking code and fixed a few other small things. If you have an older version installed you should really update to this one.

Uploaded the final version to the tools page. Done a few code optimizations and also fixed a bug with a notifier not being installed after a new song was loaded or created.

Attached version 1.2 to the first post.

Version 1.2

  • compatibility for Renoise 2.8
  • improved performance of pattern command pasting

Uploaded the final 1.2 version to the tools page. It fixes a small bug, so if you had the preview for 2.8 installed then update your tool with the one from the tools page. Both are version 1.2.

This is awesome!

It appears to be working flawlessly in v3.1, FYI

It was a little tough to find, though! May I suggest an “All versions” entry in the “Renoise Version” menu of the Browse all Tools page?

Searching of course works, if you know the right keywords.

But if you don’t, stepping backwards through versions in the menu and searching manually hinders discoverability.

And there are a lot of gems in there worth discovering.

Yes, it should work fine in the latest Renoise version. I’m trying to keep all my tools updated but won’t reupload a tool, if it auto upgrades fine. Not a fan of pushing updates with no real change.

Yes, it should work fine in the latest Renoise version. I’m trying to keep all my tools updated but won’t reupload a tool, if it auto upgrades fine. Not a fan of pushing updates with no real change.

I agree. No need.

The Browse Tools page could use a little UX love, though (an “All Versions” option in the dropdown, or a “Confirmed working in v3.x” flag on the tool’s page, which would also add it to the v3.x list,or a more obvious “Search Tools” interface, or something).

New users browsing for interesting stuff select v3.1 from the dropdown, see that there’s not a lot there yet, and maybe work their way backwards through the versions with increasing skepticism, if they even bother.

Mostly though, your excellent tool ends up buried and forgotten.

Confirmed working in v3.x" flag on the tool’s page

Yes, this is absolutely something that needs to be done. Among the tools I personally always install, only a few have even been released for 3.x.

Such a tag would of course only apply to tools that are otherwise not available for the newest version.

Also, not sure I would mix them with the ‘actual’ 3.x tools. But, just having this information available somehow would be really useful.

Edit: yeah, off-topic, I know :slight_smile:

Awesome! Thanks for this tool!
That said, I tried copying between renoise instances but that isn’t working (unless I’m missing something). Is that something that you could add or is it an API limitation?


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