New Tool (2.7/2.8): More Shortcuts Beta 1

XRNX MoreShortcuts adds global shortcuts for:

[b] * loading DSP effects,

  • loading audio plugins,
  • setting the metronome’s BPM and LPB, toggle on/off w/ message
  • tapping the song tempo (better tap tempo shortcut),
  • switching views while cycling trough the view’s sub-states,
  • cycling audio plugin’s program channel,
  • cycling DSP effect’s presets.
  • cycling instrument’s midi channel.[/b]


[b]* 2011-10-29 esa, V1 - quick version for koppi

  • 2011-10-31 koppi, V2 - quick version for esa
    [/b]* 2011-11-04 koppi, V3 - initial public release
    * 2011-12-01 koppi, V3 - fix for Renoise 2.8 beta

    Complete list of keyboard bindings from MoreShortcuts XRNX:

Download latest version:

Development of this tool happens at


this is Epic :w00t:

Bit of a problem with AU Instruments and AU EFX. But this probably cannot be solved easily. This is why I ended up just figuring out what an AU FX is called by it’s AU ID and then made a shortcut which loads that specific one, so I know exactly which one it is :)

pretty neat otherwise, (btw, it’s LPB not LBP)
also, what is

  • switching views while cycling trough the view’s sub-states
    ? I see F2,F3,F4,F11 (ImpulseTracker view stuff)

Hi @esa: AU Instruments should be in “Global => Track Devices”, AU EFX should be in “Global => Track DSPs”. Can you observe this on our mac?

Thanks, fixed.

“cycling trough sub-views” means, the last state of each view is remembered, so pressing F2 several times cycles trough the tree states [1/3], [2/3] and [3/3], then pressing F3 recalls the sub-state of the F3 view and pressing F2 again leads to the last state of the sub-view of F2. (But this part is still unfinished business…)

Yes. No issues there. There’s probably no way of using the script to do this (and it would be way too convoluted)

  1. Add an AU Effect
  2. Read the AU Effect name
  3. Store the AU Effect name
  4. Associate AU Effect name with “AU Database name” (that mess that you see in the shortcut)
  5. Delete AU Effect
    and repeat until all AU Efx have been identified with their “actual” names.
    I know Conner_BW has already made a request for this (for Renoise to read the au database names natively and to replace them with their actual, informative names), so maybe it’d be a total waste of time to do it in a script like this :)

Cool tool! B)

good work fellows!!! nice.

updated download for Renoise v2.8.

did you need to do a major overhaul, or was it just switching the native efx paths around and changing the plugin-loading-api-function?

didn’t have to change anything except for the 3 tag in the manifest.xml:

Ok. I had to switch the VST / AU / Native effect paths (/*Meta/*Signal Follower -> /Native/*Signal Follower). after that it all worked like a charm. Nice 1

Are you sure it still all works flawlessly? the plugin_name changed to plugin_path for instance. If you rely on that one you get errors.

Didn’t find any errors, yet…

by the way koppi, mad props for reporting the complex script == performance issues… after fixing my script, tab no longer takes a second to refresh the screen (=to switch to a second track) :)

Is the 2.8 version working?

i’m trying to download from your link but it says “file not found” on github

Seems, like the github download feature is currently broken. Please download directly from the git repository:

Thank you so much! It’s working good

This tool is Really useful

Koppi, feel free to add this or modify it to work globally:

renoise.tool():add_keybinding{name="Global:Paketti:Hide Track DSP Devices", invoke = function()  
 if table.count( >1 then  
 for i=2,(table.count( do   
end }  

It hides selected_track’s currently-open-VST/AU ext.editors. A simple modification could probably be made to make it hide all the currently displaying vst/au effect GUIs.

p.s. this reply to this thread only makes sense if your script already opens the VST/AU GUI after the keyboard shortcut has been run to add a new TrackDSP.

Koppi, as per your request, here’s the code originally assisted by many people, which loads a vst and displays the ext.editor. there’s also some workarounds to make the effect come up after line input device, if such is present on the track.

--User-specific VST/AU efx loading. These are with very specific settings, so use at your own peril!  
--Oct17th modification: Loadvst can be used to load the vst/au/native fx of your choice. Enjoy.  
function loadvst(vstname)  
local checkline=nil  
if (table.count( <2 then checkline=2  
if[2].name=="#Line Input" then checkline=3  
else checkline=2  
local checkline=nil  
if (table.count( <2 then checkline=2  
if[2].name=="#Line Input" then checkline=3  
else checkline=2  
end, checkline)[checkline].external_editor_visible=true[checkline].is_maximized=false checkline  
if[checkline].name=="VST: FabFilter: Pro-Q" then[checkline].parameters[206].value=1   


as you can see, there’s also specific settings for pro-q parameters, and the lower frame track dsp gets minimized after adding an effect.

Hi, this will be appropriated into Paketti hopefully tonight! :)