New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Rename Track, Pattern Shortcuts

He got overwhelmed with the power of the dark side, I recall? Yes. Now. Got that cheap shot out of the way…

Oh, yeah, that. Uhm. It’s still there. It’s haunting me. I want to do it but lack the willpower. Also I’m a little scared of that beast. It can bring a man down by its sheer amount of lines. Got. To. Try.

I started a list. :)

awesome, could i have a little look? :) (the list)
about the adv.edit parameters stuff, i’m sure 2.8 api would make it way more feasible…

It’s very small now:
-Focus DSP list search box (Actually this is doable but takes three key hits (Focus DSP lane,TAB,TAB))
-Move track (mouse only?)
-Move track into an existing group (mouse only?)
-Rename track (mouse only, just scripted a bypass)
-Rename Pattern (the same)
-Rename Section (mouse only, could be scripted.)
-and being able to edit DSP parameters without the mouse.

But I’m gathering more stuff as I bump into it.

-Hide / show instrument-box
-was gonna say “cursor focus to disk browser” but, Global->View->Focus/Show Disk op/Scopes exists - unfortunately api doesn’t have entries for it :)
-shortcuts for increasing / decreasing pc keyboard velocity ( ) (same for midi +1/-1)

  • +1/-1 increase of BPM
    i guess there’s no need for me to list adv.edit parameters :)

KMaki, Let me know if you need any help making some kind of ‘essential missing shortcuts’ pack. I’d be glad to help with something.

Hey, thanks for the offer! I just finished a gigantic task of posting my keyboard gripes so far. Let’s see how that builds up. That kind of pack would definitely be a good start.

Can you link?


Let’s do a main.lua that just uses require to include files? Then we can submit files here for you to add and release.

e g:

require "rename_pattern"  

will include rename_pattern.lua.

sorry to be either venting negativity or off-topic, but doesn’t require "file.lua"s kinda start slowing down renoise after you have more than 4 or 5 of them in a script?

@KMaki: Damn. I was also making a tool for renaming tracks… :( Too bad that I didn’t have time for it during the last weeks and you managed to post yours first.

Sounds all right to me. Say. You’ve been lately doing lots of that track/group stuff, eh? wink wink

I doubt it and have never heard of that.

Yes. What do you need? :)

Aah. Bummer… Sorry about that.

But mine has a couple of really nice features so I’ll release this anyway when I manage to finish it after my other more important shit. ;)

Well. I believe (and you should correct me if I’m wrong) you cannot move tracks around with the keyboard.

I was thinking something like move current track left/right (selected_track should follow along, so you can surf a track right over the screen using just these keys). Maybe with sequencer tracks/send tracks wrapping? I don’t know if it’s ergonomical/expected behaviour or not, though?

With groups it gets a bit harder. I think the most logical way to handle track grouping with keyboard would be pushing them next to a group, and then from there INTO the group with a dedicated left/right directed bind? Pushing normal left/right would just ‘skip’ the group track. I haven’t really thought this over, so please everybody reading this do so. The same bind could probably be used to pull stuff OUT of the groups. This is all just a quick intuition.

These IMO are THE basic track-shortcuts that are missing so far. (But with 2.8 in beta, some of these could possibly pop up natively? So maybe push at least that grouping development a bit farther? I don’t know.)

I can do that tomorrow. But i think it should just move the track left/right regardless of if it ends up in a group or not. One shortcut for all needs. That seems most consistent and least confusing.

I agree. Simplicity FTW.

Agreed. And if you want to move the Group you have the cursor in the Group Track.

I think we have to wait for the move track shortcut since the API seems a bit buggy (2.8b4). I don’t want to do too many workarounds until it’s been settled.

Moving tracks thru groups is a little tricky but it’s under control :)

Ever tried using Ableton Live? Shortcuts are not re-assignable and something as obvious as switching the metronome on/off has no keyboard shortcut.

Rest assured that all of us working on Renoise are keen keyboard users. The missing Rename shortcuts are a glaring omission and I’ll add them for the next beta release.

Thanks to KMaki for the other big keyboard issues thread as well, will try and look at what we can realistically achieve for 2.8 from that list. Keep the suggestions coming!