New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Step Sequencer

Interesting idea, but that is not planned yet. I think the performance when switching to the next page would be too bad.

Great! Makes me happy. :)

Should be fixed now. As well, there is no limit on the number of tracks anymore (previous version: limit to 8 tracks) . All audio tracks of the current song will be displayed. Please note, if a track is added/deleted during editing, the tool has to be reloaded to update the new amount of tracks, as there is no observer on these actions.

so if you add a new track,when you use step sequencer,you have to close it and restart it??will it remember your settings then??there should be an observer for those settings,in future versions

Yes, the tool always will load the notes from the current pattern on (re)start. Maybe there will be an observer in future version.

i get a please remove this or contact author message,when renoise starts up now using the latest version of this

This one right, see atached pic in thread:

ahh yes,thats the message

a small bump about this error message

There is a very small update that should fix this error message.
Sorry for the late reply, unfortunately I had really no time the last weeks due to work :(
Nevertheless I will soon keep on enhancing this tool.

thanks for fixing this Cie awesome job

I have made an update and decided to declare the current state to v1.0 and submitted it to the Renoise tool page.
Of course this does not mean that the tool is finished ;) I will keep on working on this and try to add the planned features etc.

Please see the first post for the update and the details: New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Step Sequencer

Please feel free to give some feedback, suggest some ideas, report bugs etc. :)

Update to v1.1. beta:
There is a new update: I have added midi control to the new version. All steps of each track and the parameter Editstep and Page can be controlled via midi hardware now. Just open MidiMapping in Renoise to assign (see attached screenshot).
For the steps, you can use toggleable buttons, for the other parameter you can use faders, knobs, or similar controller which send absolute values. The tool will automatically calculate the correct ranges and maximal possible values for the midi-controller.

It should be extra fun now to control the sequencer with your Hardware e.g. Monome, Ohm64 or similar. :)

This version is beta and I announce it for testing purpose in this post first, before uploading it to the toolspage. So I would be happy if you can test it.
To download have a look in the first post please New Tool (2.7, 2.8): Step Sequencer

It looks a lot cleaner than linking midi controllers to the Pattern Matrix…
Don’t make the pattern matrix too obsolete though ;)

great tool! lots of fun… thanks for working and sharing, Cie.

Perhaps I’m missing something… is there a reason that the delay parameter only goes up to 7F?

There is another update (v1.11):

  • fixed bug in midi mapping of steps
  • now also all controller which send absolute values (like knobs, sliders) can be used to switch on/off a step. A value <64 means off, >=64 on
  • fixed wrong delay maximum value from 7f to ff

Thank you :)

Thank you. :)
Oh yes you are right. The reason was: I thought falsely the delay parameter goes up to 7F and not to FF ;)

Nice work! Thank you.

Do you think being able to populate the slots of the step sequencer with the sample content of an Instrument might be possible in the future? I say this mainly because I’d like to slice with the beatslicer and then use the step sequencer to program the hits.

(On the other hand if the beatslicer could export to samples instead of an instrument mapping that would work for me too…)

Anyway…I’m really into this - I might even get a new midi surface to go with it!

The midi implementation works like a charm. As a matter of fact it is so transparant I found some issues in the way I had configured my BCR2000 push-buttons :) Now all I need is two launchpads!

There is an update:

  • added Multisample support. Multisample Instruments will be shown in the Instrument selection box like BankName:SampleName. If selected a sample from a bank, the basenote of the sample will be loaded in the Note1-selectbox by default.
  • patternloading into sequencer: correct multisample loading. If basenote of multisample matches note in appropriate track, the correct multisample will be shown in the drop-down box.
  • made the Instrument Box wider
  • when changing an instrument in the drop-down box, all notes of the appropriate track in the pattern will be changed to the new selected instrument.
    So you can instant change instruments without replacing the sample!

You can download it from the first post, also the picture is updated where you can see how the multisample instrument selection looks like.

Thank you. :)
I found your proposal to support multi sample instruments very good and have implemented the possibility to select samples from an instrument (see above). It would be nice if you can test it.
Yes, for me with a midi controller it is even more fun and I will buy a new, better fitting one soon, too :) Atm I am using an Edirol PCR-300 which is not quite good to use with it because it has too less buttons.

Thank you, nice to hear. This is what I need, too :)

Great tool!

I found a bug?

  1. Launch Renoise
  2. Change pattern length to 10 lines
  3. Launch Step Sequencer 1.2 beta
  4. Add a checkmark anywhere past line 10…

Graceful error handling.


*** ./gui.lua:328: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)  
*** stack traceback:  
*** ./gui.lua:328: in function 'set_note'  
*** ./gui.lua:374: in function <.><br>


Thanks Connor_Bw.
Ok I have fixed that (see first post). Now a dialog with an error message appears if someone tries to insert a note with a step where no note can be ;)

Extremely cool tool! Could you add a way for it to accept keyboard shortcuts? I tend to start/stop the pattern a lot when I’m using this, and i have to click away from the tool and back to start/stop/restart the pattern. It’d also be nice if you could adjust the sequence length (16 is good, 8 and 32 would also be nice). Seems to be a bit buggy when it comes to multisample instruments: C-4 is assigned to all samples, although it selects it properly if i switch away and back.