New Tool (2.7): Grab Sample Keyzones

I’ve whipped up some tools for sample keyzones management when building instruments. This one is supposed to import keyzones from another instrument with appropriate samples into the current instrument.

This is an early version that will have bugs in. But I’m placing this here for your testing pleasure. Bug reports welcome!

UPDATED v0.21 (old version still on this post for emergencies)
-Basic support for note-on, note-off layers

Usage from keyzones context-menu. (right click on keyzones area)

Known issues for now:
-will give errors, if you don’t play nice:
-will not check if the selected instrument exists
-will not check for max number of samples

-smart remap only checks the name, not actual content


2337 com.kmaki.GrabSampleKeyzones_Rns270_V0.21.xrnx

2284 com.kmaki.GrabSampleKeyzones_Rns270_V0.1.xrnx

updated to v 0.21, edited post 1.

It makes life a little easier than manually dragging and dropping samples from instruments in the diskbrowser to the sample keyzone (which works as well but with multiple velocity layers, hard to tell which group goes where)…