New Tool (2.7): Put A Donk On It Button

By request of kaneel himself (see the “Bad Ideas Thread”, Bad Ideas Thread), comes my first tool, the “Put a Donk On It button”.
I’ve thought the scripting API is cool since the 2.6 release, but (until recently) I hadn’t had any ideas of things to implement with it, and so I hadn’t used it for anything. However, after reading kaneel’s post a few days ago, I thought I should give the donk button a shot, even if just for the laughs. So here you go.

The “Put a Donk On It” button on the left loads a looped two-bar donk sample, and adds a new track that plays it for the entire song. The “Take the Donk Off It” button gets rid of the donk instrument and track. The “Put a Bangin’ Donk On It” replaces all non-empty samples in the song with a “donk”.

The .xrnx is big because the donk samples are included in the tool. Just an FYI.

Edit: Re-upped newer version of tool

All hail Renoise’s new hero!!!


Updated original post with a newer version that fixes Conner_Bw’s bugs.


Made my day!

this guy is giving us a truly awesome demonstration of what exactly makes the scripting API so cool.

hahaha :drummer: :yeah:

ideas for v2:
option 3 “put a Amen on it” :drummer:
option 4 “put a Wobble on it” :panic:

:lol: :yeah:


Add a Beardyman to it

yes! saw him live, he’s pretty cool :)

how about a ‘Put A Dick On It’ button? not sure what exactly it would do. you can decide.


Random table full of URLS with openurl(urlfromtable). no.
I don’t want to decide.

The donk is one of the few things in life which can be simply “put on it”. Most things are laden with the burdens of bureaucracy, politics, emotional distress, practice, skill, and imagination, but the donk will always be there to just slap on and make us smile (or strangle each other). And now it has a button.

lol. this

Wow! What a hit machine!

You take anything, put a DONK on it and you got a chartbreaker (or at least an “Apres-Ski-Hit”)!

3 things i would love to have:

  • Change instrument settings of the DONK sample autoseek, so it emidiately DONKS when pressing the button
  • Right now the DONK does never fit the tempo of the song. Change instrument settings to sync 32 lines, that should fit to lots of songs.
  • Make it MIDI learn, then i can slam a huge, single, external hardware button to “PUT A DONK ON IT”


This is fantastic! (I wish I hadn’t googled “donk” though…)

I think we’ve reached the limit of scripting :D .