New Tool (2.7): Scaled Midi Octave Input


After getting frustrated with the midi mapping of midi controllers to octave selection (see here) I decided to write this tiny tool to provide an alternative implemetation.

Anyway, I’m putting this out there as others appeared to be interested in the original thread.

This implementation works as follows:

In the default midi mapping the midi CC value is directly set as the octave selection as follows:

CC Octave  
0 0  
1 1  
2 2  
3 3  
4 4  
5 5  
6 6  
7 7  
8 8  
9 8  
. .  
. .  
127 8  

However, this tool scales the midi CC parameter down from 0-127 to 0-8 so the user can use the whole range of the control (slider/knob/etc) as such:

CC Octave  
0-15 0  
16-31 1  
32-47 2  
48-63 3  
etc. etc.  

This alternative binding will appear in the midi map menu under Global Mappings -> Transport -> Edit -> Alt. Octave (same location as the other octave functions).

Please find the tool attached as ‘com.mxb.AltOctave.xrnx’. The code is very simple and reasonably documented, feel free to take it and modify for any other functions that have similar ‘issues’. :)

BTW: Yes, the tool archive is less than 1k, your download did not fail!

Thanks. This is a great little script!. I wish i had time to learn lua scripting :).