New Tool (2.7+): Synchronize Modulation Dsps

This tool allows you to set the rate parameter of the Chorus, Flanger and Phaser effects in lines per cycle and the frequency of the LFO device in Hz. Tempo synced modulation is now much easier possible. Do a right click on one of the supported DSPs in the device chain or mixer to access the menu.

Keyboard shortcuts:

NUMPAD 0 = set input value to current pattern length
ARROW UP/DOWN = adjust input value in small steps
PAGE UP/DOWN = adjust input value in bigger steps
HOME/END = min/max input value
ENTER = set input value
ESC = close dialog


Version 1.4

  • small fix for Renoise 3.1 only, Phaser rate parameter name changed

Version 1.3

  • compatibility with Renoise 3 (requires Renoise 3.0.1)
  • menu works now for effects used in the sampler

Version 1.2

  • menu can now be accessed from the mixer view too
  • included manual

Version 1.1

  • LFO device can be set in Hz now

Version 1.0

  • initial release

Click here to download



Nice one! :)

cool! Handy indeed :)

was hoping someone would do this:-)

Maybe call it DSP Rate Syncer or something?

cool! thx)

yeah, the devs should make this one native. thanks for a great tool.

Simple and very useful! I like it! :guitar:

What vincentvc suggested sounds about right. Great tool, man!


Opening songs where I used the tool gave me this.

Restarted Renoise and it didn’t happen anymore…

Thanks for the report, should be fixed now. Also renamed the tool to a better name, so make sure to uninstall the old version before installing this one.


I was wondering why it wouldn’t do cross converting, so the LFO could also be programmed in Hz?

Internally the tool does this cross conversion already and i’ve tried to add the LFO for you but ran into an unexpected problem. Say you set the LFO rate to LPC “4” and query the parameter value with a script, you don’t get the “4” back, but some other value. I have no idea how to convert this number to the actual LPC value shown next to the parameter or what this number represents. Seems the LFO requires some extra handling.

Edit: The value seems to be in Hz already, should be easy to add then.

No chance, seems to be something else.

I believe the slider value should be a value between 0 and 1 (minislider) the other slider also is relative 0 to 100.
I assume the values are linear translatable for what the maximum value of the LPC can be, else try the db2lin() and the lin2db() functions that are embedded (or dbtolin / lintodb).

Well, the conversion was much simpler actually. To get the LPC value from the returned value one can use (60 / value). Attached is version 1.1, which allows you to set the LFO in Hz, let me know if everything works as expected. The menu name was simply changed to “Set Rate…” now and the keyboard handling was also a bit tweaked.

It seems to work.
Though for some reason the rounding also needs to be applied when the value is set.
If i set the frequency to 0.5hz or 0.1 hz, the value in the dialog is suddenly changed to something like 0.1003428834729 and 239.999999478 LPC (which supposed to be 240 LPC)
In the LFO the value is correctly set, just the GUI update isn’t correct for some reason after clicking the “set” button.

I suppose the rounding can’t be totally avoided, but is minimal and can be ignored probably. To make things a bit more pretty, i’ve limited the displayed numbers to 4 after the decimal point now, which is more close to what Renoise displays after applying the value. A small difference may still happen, but Renoise will handle this after setting the new value.

Edit: See first post for latest version.