New Tool (2.7): Velocity Layerer

Another tool for instrument building, keyzone-wise. This distributes samples across velocity layers. In development and feature incomplete… Report bugs for increased speed of development!

UPDATED V0.31 (previous version still on this post for emergencies)
-Options for vel+vol, use envelopes -switches
-Note on and note off layers can be processed
-Overwrite/Add mode
-Maps base note according to the ‘reference zone’. Version 0.2 set it to C-4 always.

Usage through keyzone context menu. (right click on keyzones area)

Instructions for current version:
-order the samples you want to map in sample list (in velocity order)
-adjust reference zone. for now the tool uses the first of current, existing keyzones (per layer) as reference for noterange and basenote
-from keyzone context menu, select Velocity layerer.
-In GUI: select Sample range and Velocity range to map, options

expected result for now: selected sample range is distributed evenly across selected velocity range. Selected options are set. Current zones are preserved or overwritten according to set options per layer.

2336 com.kmaki.VelocityLayerer_Rns270_V0.31.xrnx

2299 com.kmaki.VelocityLayerer_Rns270_V0.2.xrnx

thanks for the tool!

Updated to v0.2. Edited first post.

Updated to 0.31, first post was edited.

Hi Guys, is this tool still in development?

Hey there. Whew, it’s been a while. I’m sorry to say this tool is not in development anymore, at least not by me. Just randomly noticed a Gmail notification on your post. :slight_smile:

As far as I’m concerned it’s up for grabs for anyone willing to push it forwards, though.

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