New Tool (2.8, 3.0): Loop Composer

I’ve released a new tool called Loop Composer.

The source code is on github:

You can download a packaged version here:

Loop Composer allows you to run pattern loop “compositions.”

A composition is a series of lines defining a pattern loop, the number times that loop should execute, and an option function to invoke after that maxnumberof looping hasoccurred.

For example

0 2 2
 4 4 1 rand_looping
 3 4 2
 1 1 2
 4 5 1 rand_jump
 0 0 1
 5 5 1 restart
 # This is a comment

The README file fr the code has more detail.

You can add your own custom Lua stuff by placingspecially-named files in a custom directory in the Scripts folder.

Custom code is loaded per-song based on file name. Likewise,compositionsare saved and loaded per song based on song file name.

Custom code has access to all of the functions defined in the tool as well as the Renoise API, so you can have functions that alter thecompositioncontents (i.e.add/change/remove loops),manipulatetracks and instruments, etc.

Have fun!