New Tool (2.8): Adjust Slot Colors

Adjust slot colors


Adjust slot colors in the selected pattern range. Easy way to make your pattern matrix a bit more lively and clear.


“Adjust slot colors” in the pattern sequence context menu (far left).

(Details/drawbacks: 1. It will always use the track colors as default slot colors. 2. If adding new tracks these slots won’t be affected, the process is a one-shot)

Yet another handy helper from you joule!


excellent. really wanted this ages ago

I get this when opening the tool here:

'C:\Users\P\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.0\Scripts\Tools\joule.no0b.AdjustSlotColors.xrnx\' failed to execute in one of its menu entry functions.  
Please contact the author (joule) for assistance...  
No matching overload found, candidates:  
custom [class Pattern] pattern(Song&,int)  
stack traceback:  
 [C]: in function 'pattern'  
 main.lua:13: in function 'slot_selection'  
 main.lua:22: in function 'shift_color'  
 .\gui.lua:211: in function 'init_shifts'  
 main.lua:38: in function <34><br>```


@Ledger, fixed.

It now works on all slots when no pattern range is selected.

Hmm. I should make it preserve colors already set. But then it also needs a “clear slot colors” button.

will try this one, cheers.

thanks will re-download

I like the concept, keen to try this out. :)

i always wanted to have different colors in the pattern sequencer , is that possible too ?

For now, you’re limited to using Song Settings…

yeah, thank you! i use this two automated colors since some years, but it’s not enough to get a ideal sequencer organizing ;)
thats why i aksed for: i would be great to have the possibility to give each entry his own color…

I can’t fix that :)

thank you for answering 8) keep up your great scripting work !