New Tool (2.8): Auto-Collapse Groups

This tool will auto-collapse groups. Could be handy to avoid clutter if you’re using a lot of groups.

0.1 features:

  • Complements Renoise’s existing track auto-collapsing feature (enable with the button in the bottom left corner of the Pattern Editor).
  • Supports all levels.

If there are any bugs, missing features, refactoring possibilities, etc, please let me know.

Feel free to fork/pull on github or contribute here.

See known issues here.

I’m having Renoise freeze after installing your tool, trying to create groups, then tab through the pattern editor etc. Not sure if this is because of the combination with other scripts? …like I have a tool that groups selected tracks in the pattern editor with the shortcut shift+g, doing so immediately freezes Renoise now, having to kill it in the taskmanager.

Initially inserting groups in the mixer worked, but also ended up freezing Renoise.

Ouch. This is what happens when you only test it with a particular song :)

Found a bug where it would freeze when trying to go from the last to the first track and updated the .xrnx.

I’ve tried with all the 2.8 demosongs to see if I can break it. Creating groups, moving with alt-tab and arrows, focusing with the mouse (from track scopes, mixer, pattern editor and matrix), etc seems to work but it crashes when deleting groups.

I’ll try with the tool you’re using later and see if I can reproduce it. It’s this right?

using the default, empty song…have uninstalled the script, so can’t test anymore, wil try the update soon.

yep, that’s the one.

Sry I meant to say I probably should’ve tested it with something more than just my template song before putting it up.

Great I’ll continue working with that enabled. Found a few other issues I’ll just add up top.