New Tool (2.8): Selected Tracks To Group

this is v0.1. select tracks by making a selection in the pattern editor (NOT pattern matrix, didn’t find how to find the selection there)
then press hotkey. I chose ctrl+alt+g

going to update it later, so that if there’s no selection it will just group the current track, so it can be a simple replacement for the ctrl+g shortcut

Let me know if this works (or not)
3305 nl.jeweett.GroupSelectedTracks_Rns280_V0.1.xrnx

Thanks, will try!

hah, lovely idea (selection in pattern editor). i was trying to make one that would group tracks according to a name. this selection idea is much cooler! cheers.

awesome tool, thanks! ^_^

That’s bitchin’, that’s how it should have worked from the start. It’s now my Ctrl+G replacement.

three cheers for this, just tried it, it works awesome. i wish this was native. seriously.

Great tool.


Obviously stupid user behavior :) , but selecting a bunch of tracks including master & sends gives:

By the way, I’m using this tool in combination with the ‘split into separate tracks’ script ( Split into separate Tracks | Renoise → works in 2.8 if you update the api version to 3.0 in the manifest yourself). And would love if I could split a track into a group, ideally have the dsp/vst-effects be copied to the group channel.

Could you create a variation of your tool that collects all the used dsp/vst’s from the different tracks on to the ‘master’ group channel, ideally keeping automation in tact??


I was working on this but with selection made in PM. I forgot about it, however. Will you add that too in this tool, or may I?

Iirc you just have to iterate slots (patterntracks) and look for is_selected. And bite your lip when thinking about how to keep track of shuffled track numbers.

Thanks to all of you :D “this should be native” is the best comment a (tool) developer can get!

Yep, thanks, I might look into this soonish, also I think if you select other groups with subgroups it might go awry…

[sub](also: you do realize that having different fx on different tracks is actually the power of having different tracks, right?? or maybe i just totally misunderstood your request.)[/sub]

I think that is a nice challenge :D, to be honest though I thought what I did here was already a tool, released by somebody else, but I couldn’t find it.
Anyway I’m guessing this kind of grouping (either via selection in PE or in PM) is going to be built-in in next version. But let me get at this, it’s probably finished by tomorrow again or sth.

yes, you misunderstood, won’t try to explain as it is probably too user specific in workflow anyway. I can manage using a workaround. Cheers

Neat :) is there a quick way to ungroup tracks? I know about “delete group” but that deletes all the grouped tracks as well. I have a group and I want to move all the tracks out of the group…from what I can tell I have to move them one by one. Is there a faster way to do it?

Thanks for this tool, very useful!

You can delete the group track on it’s own by selecting it and using the right-click menu entry “Delete Track” or the equivalent keyboard shortcut ‘Ctrl Shift T’

If you need to keep the group track to preserve the fx chain, you can duplicate it first ‘Ctrl D’ then delete the original one.

ah brilliant! thank you

This bug will probably never happen with normal use :P, but out of boredom was making random selections and hitting the group tracks shortcut from this script and got;

C:\Users\plugexpert\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V3.0.1\Scripts\Tools\nl.jeweett.GroupSelectedTracks.xrnx' failed to execute in one of its key binding functions.

Please contact the author (Cas | Cas Marrav | for assistance…

std::logic_error: ‘invalid track index ‘26’. valid values are (1 to 24).’

stack traceback:

[C]: in function ‘insert_group_at’

main.lua:42: in function main.lua:37

Updated this tool so that it should deal correctly with sub-groups that are already present + fixed the bug Djeroek mentioned:

renoise 3.1.1


-Fixed issue when subgroups were selected, they would be dismantled by the tool.

-If there is no selection in the pattern, tool will now default to adding a group at the (cursor) selected track

-Fixed bug where if selection is made on master track or beyond, the tool would fire an error


related API bug that needed working around:

0.2 Deleted due to another API bug linked below. I will try a fix that to limit the tool from running into this bug. In the meantime if you downloaded 0.2, I`d suggest deleting it until the new fix is out as you can run into renoise errors from making more than six-level-deep nested groups.

Ok, think I`ve got this sorted now. You can no longer create groups that nest beyond the renoise limit of 6 (5 parent groups)

Tool is a bit slower due to extra checks that need to be done, but should work. Should be possible to make it quicker in the future once API bugs get sorted.

Let me know if there are any problems

Shortcut still:

~Group Selected Tracks