New Tool (2.8): Awesome Sawce

Hello good people of the renoise-welt!

I took my time and updated the awesome AwesomeSawce to become useful in renoise 3.1. I might add further improvements in the future. Please try it and if you find a bug, please report.

7142 nl.jeweett.AwesomeSawce_v1.12_rns3.1.xrnx

Happy fattening,


Thanks for this!

BTW. you need only one time to zip the tool contents. Also the zip must not contain the tool dir, the files need to be placed directly into it:

Attachment 7143 not found.


If you are working on this, I would like to suggest the following features:

  • Preview button, simply generating it to the last free instrument slot, playing it and later delete it (on cancel/render)

  • Remember last set values

  • Support for PWM, simply by invert each second wave -> will result in pulse width modulation

:S I did this wrong, then I did this right, checked the file on a sandboxed renoise; then uploaded the wrong file. Thank you for pointing out!

Hi Everyone,

I just tried this on an old tablet running Renoise 3.1, and it sounded great while it worked. Several times, however, it “broke” the connection between Renoise and my bluetooth keyboard, such that I could no longer enter any notes into Renoise at all; I had to restart the tablet and reset the bluetooth connection. Has anyone else experienced this with this or any other tool? I have never had this occur when loading/using VSTs, samples or other instruments in Renoise.