New Tool (2.8): Awesome Sawce

(this first post is outdated though… newest version on renoise tools page)

somebody had to do it…

as Y’all can guess this makes “SuperSaws”
Now everybody can make trance leads.
it’s version 1.0 and the next shall hopefully be the same except that it will make a “Super” version of every chip / wave / loop you can think of. :D
It will definitely have UI improvements and Have A Kick Ass Logo.

mandatory screenshot
3195 awesomesawce.png

…what they do:
they smile in your face :walkman:

also, the parameters work as follows:
Detune count = 1 to 7, makes extra saws (times 2) (detune steps)
“One Tuned” decides if the base sample that stays on finetune = 50% = 0 deviation, is on (volume 0dB) or off
Detune = 0 to 127 max detuning of saws

Slope types determine how the detuning goes per step
Width = max panorama deviation of course (ping pong: detune + and - switch left and right every step, if off highs are on right and lows on left)
Volume Max / Min: max = max volume drain, at last step; min = first step volume drain
2 notes:

  • if you have “one tuned” turned off (how could you!?) the min value is calculated 0
  • if you have min > max all the volumes will be max.

it still gives an error message always that it’ll delete your currently selected instrument, have to think about that :D

Nice1! I was hoping this tool would let me unison-erize any sample :( , maybe something to consider for a future version or other tool?

That’s what I said yeah :)


i will wait for “unison for all samples” version of this. thx!

planned for tomorrow. since I saw for myself how easy it is to make cool distorted (bass etc) waveforms with the “custom wave” tool… haha yeahh that shit can use some auto fattening. :D

I love this. It transports you to another galaxy. Euphoria reinvented!


hell yeah…

renoise go to beat all other DAW’s
need to visualize long wavefiles , and video plugin…

sweet anyway

that quote is awesome sawce :D

thanks rhowaldt, again, somebody had to do it.

here’s an update, this one can also create supersines, and, rudimentary first beta try-at-your-own-risk super/unisonize anything functionality. tested on a ‘chiptune’ out of the Custom Wave tool.
Works as before, new options in the GUI but as this is still 1.1beta!! only the waveform selector works atm. Also know: if you want to have a resynth instr or sth with parts unisonized… it will not work for now. this tool works on sample #1 in an instrument, next update might be able to keep all other instrument samples. But I’m not sure, I don’t really want to reprogram the whole thing into object oriented boring stuff making the tool quadruple in LOC. :)
for the moment this is it, will look more into how Custom Wave works and see if I can make a tool to easily merge 2 CustomWaves (with settings?) together in stereo L/R or even M/S…

where’s the link to the newest version?

sorry bout that :D, I was un-betaing it a little bit still before release
also it’s got a logo now :yeah:
3216 nl.jeweett.AwesomeSawce_Rns280_V1.1.xrnx


  • auto-guesses “user” mode if you have an instrument selected with a sample and a sample mapping in it
  • copies root key from original in “user waveform” mode
  • switches that are not built yet are greyed out (detune direction and detune resolution)
  • awesome sawce logo


  • keep last settings in some preferences document thing, have ‘reset to default’ mode, store presets, …
  • ability to unison samples with correct mappings etc… even with multi-sample instruments (boring hassle work)
  • detuning beyond one semitone
  • user mode to take source sample’s tuning, volume into account
  • random detuning
  • ‘None’ volume slope mode
  • random shifting, auto for (chip) samples that start with a DC offset?

please notice that this tool simply uses the sample duplicate function. That means, if you don’t have the first sample looped, all the unisons won’t be looped either. This is good - now this is just a universal fattening tool :)

New version screenshot
3217 awesomesawce-screenshot.png

Thanks! :drummer:

Finally!! A unison tool! Longgg overdue…you are a legend for programming this tool :drummer:

ah osc type user, awesome! thanks. :)

This is a nice tool! So how do one use it? The manual is currently extremely minimal at best. A youtube video would really help out here.

request: option to have the combined volume level, perceived loudness after unisonerizing, be as loud as before running the script. Cheers B)

Oh god oh god oh god


EDIT: Oh god even more: this used with exciter and compressor is just heavenly

sorry but I don’t have the time for that :)
What have you tried?
EDIT. sorry for that… here’s a try for a small tutorial.
Let’s say you have a beat or something but you want bright shining highs up in there to get the people… HIGH.

Put an exciter in the dsp chain, switch to preset ‘stereo steroid’

yeah. so how was that again, two times the same sound is +3dB right? I don’t know if I’m gonna update this tool much but this is kind of a challenge… I usually adjust the pre-fx vol where im playing…