New Tool (2.8): Collapse Empty Tracks

Collapse Empty Tracks

Also including realtime auto-collapsing of empty patterntracks - (and expanding patterntracks having data)

This enhances your overview vastly as it updates the view on every pattern.

Menus & Keybind

The menus are in the pattern editors right click context menu.

The keybind preference are under Pattern Editor/Options

This tool is dedicated to m0d ;)

nice 1!!

nice tool!

Just after having installed it, I have been able to make it crash on a regular basis at line 11 saying that it was tring to index a nil value on variable “s”. However, after reopening Renoise, I haven’t managed to make it crash anymore

this tool totally gives me an idea.
will try and make “note column visibility”-control and “collapse on/off” control the same script.

esaruoho, I did a “auto focus track” once, showing vol/pan/dly for the selected track only. Beware not to make the user angry by him accidentally overwriting the song with a weird column state when saving.

That very useful tool is gone! Where can I find the download?

I do not know. I think all downloads broke when the forum platform was changed. I haven’t used this for a while and sadly cannot find it on my computer. If there is a need for it, I can quite easily remake it.

Maybe @taktik can find the file? I’m not sure if the filename was Collapse* or AutoCollapse*

Hey, that would be great. the tool is collapsing automatically empty tracks, right? I had it installed and cant find it, too. did make a better and organized workfow!

I think I’ve found it… did some small fix.

It’s pretty good when you revisit old convoluted projects. Or if you want to make a video capture that looks a bit nicer.

joule.no0b.CollapseEmptyTracks.xrnx (1014 Bytes)


hey man! thanks a lot…