New Tool (2.8) Commando

This tool adds some key bindings (under Global.Commando.) to significantly improve the pattern editing workflow.

After using some keyboard-only or dpad-only driven trackers, and also after looking at nifty workflow tools like Paketti, I came up with an idea to make a set of shortcuts to be able to enter pattern commands (and parameters) without the need to leave the note column.


The main premise is simple.
Without leaving the note column:

  • hold down a modifier + command code key to automatically insert a command into the command column of the same step. For example [modifier]+C will insert 0C command, [modifier]+N will insert 0N command, etc.
  • modifier + left/right will decrease/increase the command parameter by 1 (=edit lower nybble)
  • modifier + up/down increase/decrease the command parameter by 16 (=edit upper nybble)
  • modifier + DEL will delete the command
  • as a bonus I also included a note/pattern column jump that I nicked from Paketti (by Esa Ruoho & Pr0tman)

So, to enter 0B20, you would hold the [modifier] and press B, up, up

I am also including an XML snippet from KeyBindings.xml in the zip, to speed up the keybinding process (provided you are comfy with my shortcuts)


  • Commands 0L, 0P and 0Q are inserted into the command column. It would be more elegant to jump into the VOL/PAN/DELAY column instead
  • Figure out a way to include the global Zx commands, and the DSP/VST commands
  • possibly come up with a better modifier than ctrl+shift+alt

Any comments/ideas/feedback are welcome!

4836 commando.xrnx
Grab the XML with the key bindings here

Nice. Inc/dec is not very relevant for the arp (Axx) effect, for instance.

What about popping up a requester where you type the value, and every subsequent line that was identical is being updated?

How so? You can still use the cursors to se the param to say 37.
Although yeah sometimes it’d be less keystrokes to just go there and type it in the regular way

So, on a L30 line it pops up and you type in 40 and all L30s would be replaced with L40? Is that what you mean?

Actually this gives me an idea!
If you had a popup you could just type in the entire command, without having to leave the note column, and without having to cursor back up and to the right after each digit.

Then you’d need only one binding for all the commands, much more elegant. Will have to try it out…

It doesn’t make much sense since the intervals/harmonies aren’t linear in that way. However, if there was one shortcut for inc/dec digit x and one to inc/dec digit y (Axy), that would be more usable in those cases.

That is EXACTLY how it works :) (16 decimal = $10 in hex)

where can i download your tool? can’t find a link :(

Cool tool, thx! :)

Because of the name, I simply can not resist… Amiga/C64 rulz :walkman:
Commando MP3 by Rune Bertil

Oops! Not sure what happened there, pretty sure I attached the file.
Perhaps it was removed as it was a zip instead of a xrnx?

Also added a link to the XML with key bindings.


when i’m trying to load the keybindings with 3.0b8i get this message:

Failed to parse the XML file '/Users/kim/Downloads/CommandoBindings.xml'!   

Ah it’s just a snippet from the Renoise’s KeyBindings.xml

The idea was that you can paste into KeyBindings.xml to avoid having to set 20+ shortcuts manually. Sorry for the confusion

If my popup idea works, then this will be all a single shortcut.

ah,okay - didn’t know this. thanks for explaining! where in KeyBindings.xml should i past this exactly?

Well, first make backup of the KeyBindings.xml just in case.
Then you can paste it anywhere provided you don’t break the other XML tags.

Easiest would be to paste near the end just above the last four lines:


Oh also I haven’t tested it in 3.0 yet, but it should well work.

If there’s a conflict with some existing shortcuts then those shortcuts will stay as they were. You can always go to preferences->keys->global->commando and see if some are missing.