New Tool (2.8): Custom Wave Generator

this weekend has been a code storm, so I forgot to update the repository. thanks for reporting

updated to 0.90; now works on Renoise 2.7


thanks a lot! was really waiting for this one!

something fishy going on, not a bug notice yet, but after using all the operators creating a wave, trying to play a note results in 99% cpu, with the audio stuttering for a second, will dig deeper.


mmm, I saved the buggy sounding instrument, ctrl+n a new song and imported it back in and now the waveform looks different, some spikes added (looks like a comb) and now it does play back. Looks like the waveform wasn’t completely drawn out yet previously.

had a bug:

how can I make this to work in 2.8?

Hey will this be updated for 2.8? :)

Hi all, I am really sorry for not being such the regular forum user I have been in the past. I’m currently really busy with work and real-life tasks but I keep on reading the forum and sometimes also posting, and of course using Renoise.

I finally have posted an update to v0.91 on the tool page which works with Renoise 2.8

Thank you! :yeah:

Hey It-Alien,

first of all great work on the custom wave tool :D it’s just got some things that work better even than resynth. and it’s really cool and doesn’t have bloated crap on the sides. like resynth4. anyway, Im gonna look into it and check if it’s feasible to do a few fixes on it and a feature bonus. please let me know quickly if you’re not ok with it.
things I’m looking to fix: 1. sometimes the tan function will generate sample values that are “off the heezey” when you generate more than one cycle (audible ‘holes’ aka no sample data at certain points) 2. it reaaaaallly needs phase shift. it’s practically the only thing that’s ‘missing’ (all due respect:) and maybe later on 3. settings saving with the instr like padsynth or resynth or sth.


Hi Cas, thanks for your appreciations.

Definitely feel free to add features to it. All of my scripts are actually intended more like kickstarts for any other willing coder

oeh, i’d really look forward to a new version of this tool. it is one of my favorite and most-used tools. godspeed Cas!

Same here, rhowaldt. This was the first tool I ever used, it’s still my fav and it’s still THE tool, when it comes to throwing some quick waves. I’d love to see a feature that enables the user to just enter a frequency value in a future version. In any way, thanks a lot for this very useful thingy, It-Alien! :)

Too bad the link in the first post doesn’t work.

thanks, now it is fixed.

correct URL

Hi, I have a suggestion for improve this fantastic tool:
add the option for:
-replace current instrument,
-delete only current sample
-add new sample
-create new instrument


awsome, thanks a lot for this tool


just a quick question: are you planning on updating Custom Wave Generator for the Renoise version three any soon?

Now with new instrument facility it might as well go in the installation package by default:)

I downloaded the wave generator tool. Made a few single cycle wave forms at C3-C3.

I dont really understand the “morpher” and “wave” functions, can anyone explain?

Is it possible to do square waves at 12.5%, 25%, 50% and 75% (like LSDJ and various chiptune things use)?

Also, has anyone got some good tips about more advanced ways to use this tool to create nice waveforms?

For example, I dont understand how someone would use a wave that starts at one pitch and ends at a higher or lower pitch as an oscillator, for building up your own synthesizer from scratch in renoise…feels like Im missing something