New Tool (2.8) Duplex: Grid Pie

Haha, yes I’m sure you are not the only one :slight_smile:

As for Grid Pie, how complicated is your setup - how many tracks, how long patterns, how much CPU usage (without Grid Pie running) ?
Personally, I rarely use more than a few tracks, and 128 lines in the patterns. Try to keep the tempo down, as much as possible too.
Automation, envelopes are replaced with creative use of LFO devices too.

If I need more than this, I would simply fire up another instance of Renoise.

CPU stays around 20%, and I rarely see it go much higher, not above 30%. Current song use six tracks and 256 line patterns. Tried shortening to 64 lines and also erased a bunch of patterns, but didn’t notice any difference in performance.

Guess I could change Lines/Beat from 16 to 8. Or even slower. I only wanted to use 16 to get good maximum speed on the LFO’s.

I changed LPB to 8 and shortened patterns to 128… seems a little bit more responsive now. Guess I’ll give a Renoise live set another go, I just panicked a bit. Clip launching is the only thing Ableton does better than Renoise imho.

Is there any way I can get GridPie to start up, ready for action after I load a song? During a live set, I’d like to load a song and press play on the monome and not worry about anything else. I’ve been fiddling with some options like “display on startup”, “autostart configuration” and “initialization” but haven’t been able to get it to work yet. Usually the problems are GridPie needs to be restarted and “follow” is then switched off somehow.

Another problem when saving/loading a song with GridPie running…

I need to remember to unmute the slots in the first pattern. If I forget, my midi hardware gear won’t receive initial state from the Instr.MIDI Control device.

Also this kinda transfers to other songs I load after that, even if they were saved with GridPie switched off or running with first pattern unmuted. I need to switch GridPie off and then load a new song.

“Display on startup” and “autostart” are Duplex options, so yeah “initialization” in the GridPie settings is the one we will need to look closer at.
Currently, it has three options: manual start, auto (stopped) and auto (playing). What I’ll do is to change the way the “auto” options work, so that they’ll be able to adapt to new songs automatically. Currently, this doesn’t happen as I deemed it would be a bit intrusive … but with the “manual start” being the default option, you still have a choice between a less intrusive GridPie, or one which will aggressively take over, and play songs :slight_smile:

So, let me just understand this - the MIDI Control device doesn’t transmit anything when the track is muted?
Can’t really see a clean solution to this, excerpt perhaps to make it a part of the workflow to have a fully-enabled (empty) pattern as the first one.
Then, this “dummy” pattern could also contain the pattern length - a thing we talked about earlier on - to force short sequences into longer ones.

Btw: cool to hear that you’re still into the alternative workflow that is GridPie. Did you read about the MLR-alike sequencer that was discussed
in this other topic? With a bit of luck, we could have both, co-existing :slight_smile:

A change to the auto modes sounds good. As is now it seems less of a hassle to do everything manually.

Yes correct. Instr.MIDI Control doesn’t send when the slot of the first pattern is muted. Is this perhaps an issue for the Renoise-suggestion box? I mean, as long as there is no manual way to send initial state, I can’t figure when you’d want to block it when loading a song. And if you do want to block it for some reason, it could be done by saving the song with Instr.MIDI Conrol switched off I guess.

Otherwise, a dummy pattern would probably do the trick, as long as it doesn’t get muted.

I’m stuck on Renoise, and GridPie is the best implement of clip launching around as far as I know. I think it works quite nicely. Only thing is CPU issues, it doesn’t feel as responsive as I’d like, especially LED feedback on the monome is a bit slow. And I stumble into these minor issues now and then. Other than that, it’s fantastic! I’ll keep at it.

Wow, an MLR-clone as well would be a dream indeed. :)

Another thing I figured would be useful is a way to quickly switch between two follow modes.

  1. Disable follow player’s position (transport) + Follow position: Follow track & pattern in GridPie settings. (Here I wouldn’t mind a Follow pattern not track -option, as I have set up track navigation myself linked to instruments.)
  2. Enable follow player’s position (transport) + Follow position: Disabled in GridPie settings. Perhaps also enabling Recording Actions mode?

I guess it wouldn’t be too difficult to edit the lua configuration and map an empty button on the monome myself. I might look into that…

Edit: Hm, I can’t map “Follow position” to a button, can I?


Any chance of making GridPie settings: Follow position mappable? Or more easily accessible? I kinda like switching between the modes depending on if I’m editing the pattern or arranging the matrix.

How about adding a third LED feedback state for the Monome? Blinking. Perhaps even a fourth, fast and slow blinking… could be based on clock and also doubles as a visual metronome.

I sometimes want to see if a slot in the matrix contains data or not, I’ll have to glance at the screen (also mess with follow modes). On the Launchpad it looks like orange indicates content and yellow for active slots. On the Monome I figure lit could indicate content and blinking for active slots.

Edit: I’ve been trying out different methods for setting up a live performance. I have a hard time getting it just right. Extra visual feedback like this would help a lot when trying to remember what all the slots contain during a performance.

I got an error during last session. Happened when I triggered four slots at once, which I had already done a bunch of times without breaking LED feedback:

'C:\Users\DBY\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.8.0\Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.Duplex.xrnx\main.lua' failed in one of its notifiers.  
The notifier will be disabled to prevent further errors.  
Please contact the author (danoise []) for assistance...  
.\Duplex/Applications/GridPie.lua:2523: attempt to index field '?' (a nil value)  
stack traceback:  
 .\Duplex/Applications/GridPie.lua:2523: in function 'on_hold'  
 .\Duplex/UIButton.lua:223: in function 'do_hold'  
 .\Duplex/UIButton.lua:350: in function 'handler'  
 .\Duplex/MessageStream.lua:105: in function 'on_idle'  
 .\Duplex/Browser.lua:2030: in function 'on_idle'  
 .\Duplex/Browser.lua:183: in function 'on_idle'  
 main.lua:276: in function <274><br>```


Hi dby, just a quick reply to let you know I’m keeping up with this topic :slight_smile:

Of course, to fix bugs is my top priority. But the other workflow tweaks are considered too, starting with the “follow position”, this should be pretty easy to implement.

But, back to the issue at hand - when you encountered the bug, can you remember if you were “session recording” slot assignments? I need to know where I should start looking…

I wasn’t recording anything. I had follow in transport panel switched off. Not sure if follow in GridPie settings were disabled or not, I think it was disabled.

What are your thoughts on blinking LED feedback? :dribble:

In the monome128 configuration, the buttons in the lower left side are - intentionally - left unassigned.
You could add the follow-position switch yourself, by locating the part where Transport is defined and add the following:

follow_player = {  
 group_name = "Controls",  
 index = 6,  

(just add it right underneath “start_playback”)

Sure - I can easily see how this would improve things. Let’s make it the default for all monochrome devices :slight_smile:

That’s the follow in the transport panel, right? I know of that one. I meant the follow_pos in GridPie settings.

I have already mapped Edit mode to lower left, and Rotate to the two above. Works well, but I might replace them with something more useful.

That would be excellent sir! :D

Any news on blinking led state for monochrome devices? Sorry for being impatient, I’ve been checking the forum almost every day. :rolleyes:

Hey dby, sorry I haven’t been active these last days, I have been busy moving and my new apartment still needs internet access.
But, I can promise that it’s not forgotten - on the contrary, I’m looking forward to these features myself :slight_smile:

Btw: instead of checking the thread constantly, you know that you can subscribe to it? I use this feature quite a lot myself.

Cool, I hope you’ll be happy with the new apartment. I have actually been quite busy too, haven’t made any music in a while. Ah yeah I’m already watching this topic, so checking the forums is some sort of obsessive compulsive behaviour I guess :P

heya been loving the pie lately :) one thing i wonder is, right now the arrow keys at the top scroll the display. I want to be able to “Set the selected track to prev/next relative to the current track.” instead and same for the sequence

But I’m like a monkey driving a car here…
no offense to monkeys.

I know what I’m goin for is select next/prev track and sequence but I don’t know how to achieve it.

Ah, I’m assuming you’re using a Launchpad here?
Under all circumstances, the TrackSelector and PatternSequence apps are the ones you’re looking for.

Start by opening LaunchPad_GridPie.lua, or LaunchPad_GridPieFull.lua (whichever you are using) in a text editor. The files themselves are located in the tool folder, under /Controllers/Launchpad/Configurations

Then locate the lines containing h_prev, h_next, v_prev and v_next mappings and remove them (or comment them out using --[[and]] ).

Next, add new entries for the TrackSelector and PatternSequence apps:

Here’s a modified version of the GridPieFull config that does what you want
4172 LaunchPad_GridPieFull.lua

Of course, I should point out that this is a subject which has been described in great detail by Sato

Always nice to see a new duplex beta. Good job!

Any chance of blinking led state for monochrome devices making the next update?