New Tool (2.8) Duplex: Grid Pie

Duplex Grid Pie

Grid Pie is a performance interface. It lets the user combine different partsof a linear song, non-linearly, in real time, using a special looping patternas a live drafting area. It does so by taking over the Pattern Matrix.

Duplex Grid Pie is part of Duplex, and based on Conner_Bw’s initial tool.

Check out the full documentation, available on github:

awesome, downloading now.

Congratulations danoise,

Thanks for doing this.

I don’t have a lot of free time to look at Renoise stuff these days. My gut is that I will deprecate Grid Pie stand alone in the long run and contribute my patches to this new version.




Great work, conner & danoise!!

Now I’ve understand what the Grid-Pie is at last. (“Live-ish” performance app)
It must be suitable for APC. B)

Great work! How is CPU usage of the duplex version compared to the old standalone?

Duplex won’t reduce CPU usage in itself. Quite the opposite, in fact: in most cases, it probably has a slight increase in CPU usage! But this extra processing is not in vain, it’s to avoid the “MIDI bottleneck”; duplicate and/or unnecessary messages being sent back and forth between the controller and Renoise. The result should be a much more responsive controller.

I was thinking that maybe you had done the rewrite you mentioned earlier?

Nope, it’s basically a port of Conner’s script, with a few additional of my own. Did it in a single night. And while it’s possible to do the incremental write-thing, it’s not a small task.
For example, Notes On Wheels takes up more than 4000 lines of code

Ok, no use for me to even try it then (I really should save up for a new laptop and midi interface). Anyways… you are doing a great job, keep it up.

Great work thank you!!!
But when I switch (for example) mixer to gridpie all the track selected in gridpie turn off…
I there possible to keep the track on in gridpie when you switch to another configuration?
I replace the transport per switch configuration it woulb be perfect if the gridpie stay on …

And excuse me for my english!!!

Hey Mooko. When you switch, you are actually restarting the application, so it’s true that Grid Pie is resetting each time it’s started.
But what you are suggesting should be possible, it would require that Grid Pie is initially performing a “song scan” to locate which slots are enabled.

I’m currently investigating how to make Grid Pie integrate better in a Duplex setup, so thanks for the idea.

Right, another update for Grid Pie.

Now, you should be able to map the application to other devices than the Launchpad, since you can now control X/Y position with a fader/knob.
See the LPD8 configuration for an example of how to do it (oh, and LPD8 owners, please take a look here)

The bug, where the held button was deactivated when released, is gone, and holding a button now copies the pattern (much faster!!)

I’ve also done some tweaks in order to make the usage more smooth. For example:

  • Hitting “play” will force the playback to begin in the GRID PIE pattern.
  • When “follow_pos” is enabled, follow playback will be disabled at all times
  • The application will shut down in an orderly fashion when you load a new song, or delete the GRID PIE pattern
  • You can MUTE/OFF tracks, and Grid Pie will leave them alone

Download the release here

I can’t seem to get this to work on the LPD8. I press and hold a button, nothing different happens than a regular press. Am I doing it wrong?

I was expecting the playback to start right away?

Can’t figure out how to revert song to the original “no Xs” state. Tried deleting the pattern. Didn’t do anything.

Everything else seems to work.

Good stuff.

The instant playback, to me, seemed very obtrusive. I’m like, take a deep breath, hit start - a willfull act. I never enabled autostart in Renoise for the same reason. But let’s make it optional!

As for the reverting of mutes, I completely missed that feature…time to revisit your script :slight_smile:

Grid Pie Duplex version, bug:

Copy all patterns doesn’t do correct polyrhythm copy.

Open Demosong - BeatsSlaughter vs Tenda - Psydrums.
Launch GridPie Duplex
Select Pattern 2
“Click and Hold” to copy entire pattern
Select Pattern 4
Single Click to Copy Track 3

Other tracks expanded to match.

Other tracks are truncated.

Thanks, I’ll look at it right away (was working on it already )

Edit: fixed. I’ll just finish what I’m working on and release a new version soon.

Edit2: new version available on SVN or from here

I’m trying to make this Duplex version of Gridpie work with TouchOSC, but it’s my first attempt at lua and I don’t know what I’m doing.
I have created GridPie.lua to go alongside MixerTransportMatrix.lua here: and have modified TouchOSC.lua to include this file. Duplex accepts this file without throwing any errors and in the interface of Duplex, the TouchOSC GridPie buttons work as intended, however, my TouchOSC app on my iPod does not trigger the buttons. If I select Mixer Transport Matrix from Duplex the iPod works fine so I know it’s not a connection issue. Could you please tell me what I need to add/fix to make this work?


Hey phooka,
Unfortunately, TouchOSC’s grid component doesn’t transmit any button-release event, that’s why nothing is happening…but you could make a custom TouchOSC layout with “pushbuttons” instead

As quick fix, you can also open GridPie.lua (the application) and search/replace “on_release” with “on_press”

Note to self: we need an option in Grid Pie for devices with no release/hold events.