New Tool (2.8): Ezmaximizespectrum

Hides lower frame, switches to disk browser “more” mode, switches to Master Spectrum, starts playback (if not already playing) from current playhead-row.

Keyboard shortcut:
Context menus:
Pattern Editor:EZMaximizeSpectrum


(Spectrum in selected_track-mode, sample_recorder in “selected_track”-mode, monitoring enabled – see what you record :) )

p.s. it’s a zipped .xrnx, because some seem to have issues with doubleclicking on the .xrnx created by export tool, which either crashes or gives exit -1 nowadays :)
p.p.s. if you feel the Phase meter gets in the way, just rightclick anywhere on the spectrum and disable it ( untick “Display Phase View”)

Nice. Easter Eggs packaged as a tool :)

^ really nice. does it also pack the option to do this for the phase-meter etc? or just the spectrum? if it doesn’t, consider this a feature request :)

it will get better when my request for API control over instrument box size and Mxb’s requests for spectrum API control are implemented. oh and phase_display=true/false control.

then it’ll be real swell.

and then it’s up to some enterprising guy to do a “switch spectrum draw mode every 2 seconds” feature for a nice “IT-InfoPage” replacement for Renoise.

There’s currently no API control over phase-meter on/off, phase-meter size change or Drawing Mode changes.

I assume you can right-click and change views, add/remove phase-meter etc without it breaking the maximised view though yeah? Not had a chance to try…

of course you can! it’s just a maximized view.
the point was to use a script to start maximized view AND hide phase-meter. instead of forcing someone to click and disable the phase-view themselves. they might even jump the gun and complain that the script doesn’t work the same on their machine, because they have phase meter showing.


its pretty cool! thnx dude!!!

Works well here Esa. Did you guys know you can move the instrument box on the right right off the view? Doing so gives maximum screen space to the spectrum.

yep. Once the API allows for resizing of Instrument Box window, I’ll update this tool to do that too. I’d hide the instrumentbox for my own use, if it wasn’t carried across every global view preset…

Whaa… how?

hover your mouse around the instrument box area and you should be able to move it aside like the Matrix.

nice tip.

Sorry for the offtopic here, but is this a 2.8 feature? I’ve got a 2.7 demo here at my windows work comp for treating my renoise addiction and I can not do that. (Not slacking, boss. Rendering…)

2.8 yes, not on 2.7

sweet :) thanks! makes a good thing even better :ph34r:

Mwahahaha. I went in and fiddled with the code and now I can use it to toggle expansion of the upper frame regardless of which frame is active. B)

tell me more? i did modify this for Paketti so that Disk Browser could be displayed in extended/expanded view…

I ended up jamming the code into another frankenstein tool I’m working on:

local function euf()  
 rw =  
 local af = rw.active_upper_frame  
 rw.active_upper_frame = renoise.ApplicationWindow.UPPER_FRAME_DISK_BROWSER  
 rw.disk_browser_is_expanded = not rw.disk_browser_is_expanded  
 rw.active_upper_frame = af  
 rw.upper_frame_is_visible = true  

It basically just takes down which frame was open, switches over to the browser, toggles it, and then switches back to the previously open frame.