New Tool (2.8): Guru

(xrxs) #221

Cornbeast, thank you for this tool!

I made retuning of neopan’s Yamaha TX81Z definition

  • i have got rid of breathcontrol parameters (for space economy)
  • global transpose and operators detune parameters become bipolar
  • more readable labels
  • added Delay and Pan effects controls (can’t figure out how to add Chord effect though)
  • more useful defaults for envelopes and operators (OP1 is audible by default, rest are muted; every OP has Ratio 1.00 displayed as 4)

I have few feature requests:

  1. Meta modifier — has to be, in some extent, Hydra for Guru framework. You can bind, with specified ranges, group of already declared parameters (or only one) to newly created control. Corresponding controls for this parameters should update their states with meta modifier. Meta modifiers could be grouped.

  2. Rotary knobs. I believe they can be composed into something like this:

    And GURU is still simple

(teknoyonky) #222

Sweeeeet! It works perfectly with the Xiosynth using the A-Station preset! This is great, it is so hard to program this synth from the board, but this extension makes it an easy cake.

Thanks a lot mate Cornbeast!!!

(Cornbeast) #223

Yo all!

Nice to see lots of activity. I’ve been away doing other stuff.

So, Trash80, just go a head make what you think would work fine for you and other definitions. When I started this I knew alsmotst nothing about MIDI, so what’s there is pretty much what’s there, no thought out bit handling and stuff.

The “nn” stuff for the sysex template is just hard-coded placeholders, so if you think other definitions can use the things you’re adding just go ahead add your placeholders and add handling in send_sysex in the midi class maybe? Or if you have a better idea…

I’ll look at rotary controls.

Ok, later!

(joule) #224


Some kind of list of available synth definitions would be highly appreciated, perhaps in the first post? Awesome work.

(Dr. Drips) #225

Hi there! Great tool. I’m trying to write a definition for the Korg Radias, and maybe, if I succeed for som other synths.
I have A bit trouble figuring out how my Sysex template should look like.

I found this in the Radias Manual:

System exclusive messages  
RADIAS format  
F0: Exclusive status  
42: Korg ID  
3n: [n=0–F] global MIDI channel  
72: RADIAS model ID  
ff: function ID (type of message)  
| |  
F7: End of exclusive  
Universal system exclusive  
Certain types of system exclusive messages are defined  
for public use, and these are called Universal System Exclusive  
Of these universal system exclusive messages, the RADIAS  
responds to master volume and master fine tuning.  
Master volume [F0, 7F, nn, 04, 01, vv, mm, F7]  
(vv: lower byte of value, mm: upper byte of value. Volume  
at maximum when mm,vv=7F, 7F. Volume at zero  
when mm, vv=00,00)  
The overall volume of the entire RADIAS is adjusted  
when this master volume message is received.  

Can somebody help me?

(Dr. Drips) #226


Here my Korg Radias definition. I didn’t implented the sysex stuff (see my last post)
I’m not sure how far I can get that anyway…

Anyone care for a Korg MS2000 def?Done ^_^

EDIT: I noticed you can’t midi-map all the switches after the first 2. Guru bug?

(Dr. Drips) #227

3 Post in a row :)/>/>
Since I had a MS2000R laying around I figured I would make a def for that one too.
So here it is. view grymmjack’s post some further down the road. He got it covered even better.

(Dr. Drips) #228

Can someone help me? with this? should be quite simple, but I can’t get my head around it.
I now have this:
sysex_message_template = {0xf0, 0x43, 0x11, 0x00, “nn”, “vv”, 0xf7},

but it aint working.

(jonah) #229

Very cool project!

I was wondering is it even worth attempting a kawai k5000s? If someone could have a glance at the sysex implementation and tell me if it’s possible I’d appreciate it.

Maybe there could be a “learn” function implemented? I have a various different sysex software editors for my hardware that work, but some are on obsolete operation systems and it’d just be nice to have them all in one place with a nice GUI.

(xrxs) #230

i’ve noticed weird behavior when GURU sends data to tx81z:
when i turn on my tx81z it starts with last used patch. then i start GURU and GURU sends patch data to tx81z. but! some parameters are updated correctly, and some are simply not updated: for example GURU shows that OP1’s attack rate is fast, but i hear that sound has long attack, like in previous patch exactly. all my saved patches sound really different every time :lol:

maybe i should specify sysex_message_template for every parameter?

(xrxs) #231

OK, finally i have managed how to fix it. Everything works fine now!

Here is my alternative definition for TX81Z
All important parameters are inside one section now. I had to increase height though.

(xrxs) #232

Hmm, i made a hasty conclusion about proper functioning. It works way better than previous versions, but it still has quirks when i switch from one patch to another.

(xrxs) #233

ok, i have sorted out with this problem by significantly increasing delay between midi messages

(Dr. Drips) #234

Hi xrxs, since you are the only one alive in this topic. Have you any Idea how my midi template should be?
I discribed it in the post before your posts.

(xrxs) #235

Hey man, i’ll look when I get home.

(xrxs) #236

do you have a full sysex implementation specs for KORG Radias?
Then, why do you specified 42: Korg ID as 43 here: sysex_message_template = {0xf0, 0x43, 0x11, 0x00, “nn”, “vv”, 0xf7} ?

(grymmjack) #237

Amazing tool! I’m going to make one for Korg MS-2000 and Korg microKORG (which are very practically the same!) :)/>

I could kiss you cornbeast…


This is perfect, now I don’t need to make one for the MS-2000. I have a MS-2000 keyboard version (not the B)/>.

Actually, it looks like you left out a bit of stuff on the sysex side, and the layer side. I’ll use yours as a starting point.

(grymmjack) #238

+1, this would be very helpful. Ideally we would have some kind of patch manager.

Very awesome tool though regardless of this missing feature.

(grymmjack) #239

When will this:

  • DW8000 midi channel: “3n Where n = the MIDI channel of your DW-8000: 30 = channel 1…3f = channel 16”

Be done? I need this for the MS-2000 SysEx. :)

(Dr. Drips) #240

That’s right, I didn’t figure that out,yet.(hence my earlier posts)
It only covers the hardware knobs and buttons ATM.
So if you like to expand on it, be my guest :)
I could use it to complete the sysex parameters on my Korg Radias which is also quite similar.