New Tool (2.8): Guru


Yeah, the 16383 is a misunderstanding from my part, that’s what you need to uncomment in my code.

If you have renoise scripting enabled you can open the file “class_parameter.lua” in my tool and edit it.
On line 21, just add “–” and try again.

Ah, and hte number has to be the nrpn parameter number according to the tetra manual. 215 is filter frequency for example!

Yes Osc 1 Frequency is param 0, according to the manual. I got OSC 1 working, not sure why the second is not, I’ll have to double check the numbers.

The numbers seem correct. And I can control both oscillators with the Ctrlr panel I started building yesterday. Looks like it’s the parameters inside the OSC 2 container that isn’t working. Everything below seems to work fine.

Oh, but I think you have to use column B in the “Program Parameter Data” table of the manual, where Oscillator 1 Frequency is 200, not 0.

Dont’ ask me why :slight_smile:

Or is it two voices, A and B?
A = column A = 0
B = column B = 200


Check this for reference:

sub_osc_1 should be 114 and osc_2_freq should be 5.

Thanks! Yeah, I don’t get it 100%, but seems to work better now. I’ll have to do some experimenting.

Also, I was wondering… is there a way to set MIDI channel? In “multi mode” I can access four different voices through ch 1-4.

Edit: Cheers for the link. It’s column A then :wacko:

After doing a bit of reading I’m pretty sure A and B is for different layers. Sorry, it’s still quite new to me.

As for Multi Mode, it would be useful to be able to make different modes/pages, any plans for that? Also there are some sequencers and LFO’s in the Tetra, but to add all that to one page would make a huge clutter.

After adding oscillator and filter parameters I notice they don’t fit on the screen any more. A scroll bar is needed and/or columns.

Well, time to pack my stuff… moving to new apartment. Will finish my Tetra mapping after Easter with the family and settling in the new place.

Yeah, forgot to mention: for a container you can specify layout=“horizonal”. So if you add normal (vertical) containers inside that container you will get columns!

If you dont add a name to a container is will have no visible borders etc.

Just got a new version cooking.

Happy moving and easter

Great. Can’t wait to get back at it and make some columns. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it still won’t fit on the screen, the Tetra has got a helluva lot of parameters.

Happy easter!

New release 0.11:

  • Corrected file path for loading synth definitions
  • Removed hardcoded max_value for nrpn
  • sysex_message_start no longer required
  • Add possibility to launch more than one instance of a synth
  • Added midi channel for each instance of a synth
  • Midi in/out devices are created first when any synth is launched
  • Finished JX8P definition

Yeah, we have to invent tabs or something…

Looks wonderful! Will test the Guru asap.

‘C:\Documents and Settings\tom\Application Data\Renoise\V2.8.0\Scripts\Tools\com.cornbeast.Guru.xrnx’ failed to execute in one of its menu entry functions.

Please contact the author (Cornbeast []) for assistance…

No matching overload found, candidates:
custom [class LuaMidiInputDeviceRef] create_input_device(custom [class String] const&,luabind::object const&,luabind::object const&,lua_State*)
custom [class LuaMidiInputDeviceRef] create_input_device(custom [class String] const&,luabind::object const&,lua_State*)
stack traceback:
[C]: in function ‘create_input_device’
.\settings.lua:46: in function ‘set_midi_in_device’
main.lua:103: in function ‘launch_synth’
main.lua:91: in function main.lua:90

I don’t have a midi in device selected (at work I have none) Is this the reason of the error?

Yo! Thanks, yes that’s probably it. I never expected anyone to not have a midi device :slight_smile:

Thanks for testing. I will fix that :slight_smile:

hell yeah!! u are open another world in renoise!!!
i will create some devices i have.

how can i use rotary knobs? sliders are to big.

here is a working alpha version, for the Novation Drum Station.
808 BD SD and 909 BD SD

3193 novation_drumstation.lua

i want to use knobs coz not enough room for the 16 voice / kit.!


Thanks, glad you like it.

I made the UI very very generic to make it simple. One idea when I started out was to use Renoises own viewbuilder in a simplified way to build whatever UI and then let Guru use those definitions, but I figured it would make it a bit too hard to get started with definitions. So, maybe this was a naive. The dsi tetra also has gazillions of parameters.

So, help me out here, either we come up with some solution to keep going in the same manner, like to make it possible to to add knobs, but then, how would you layout the knobs. Now the sliders and switches are the same size. Another idea I have is to make some kind of tabs. Like, a switch button with different tabs that are shown and hidden (if that is even possible, not sure…)

Or, we go for the other path, to just use renoise viewbuilder, and let Guru work with that UI.

Oh well, let the thoughts flow, I will go pretty much offline over easter.