New Tool (2.8): Move Device Chain

Move Device Chain


Menus to move a tracks device chain to a new send or to its parent.

thanks~ looks handy ;]

Love all your tools joule!! you should combine them all in one “THE BIG-JOULE-TOOL” :lol:

speaking of dsp chains…

is this scriptable:



I am working on something like that, or more advanced. I could include that feature as well. (Unfortunately there is no consistency in renoise between clipboard/file/lua XML, meaning you have to write your own parser)

Added option to move device chain to a tracks group parent.

another idea: additional menu item “Move Devices-> [list of group parents]”
Which moves the devices to any parent you specify. Useful in situations when devices are located on a send track. I guess lots of us will benefit from this. :)

Proofing very useful right now, though moving the chain loses any previously made automation.

Could you make an option that also copies the automation to the parent track?


Good idea. That was kind of an oversight by me. I will look into this when I find the time…

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Cool, thanks! B)