New Tool (2.8): Mpe

(sevenscientist) #21

thanks dupoxy! found the bug too actually happens only when

  1. you have the last instrument selected and a new instrument is added

or with tracks when

  1. you have the last track selected and a new track is added

not sure how to fix but I will try. I’m open to suggestions, so any CODING GURUS PLEASE help!

(Conner_Bw) #22


----update when it changes in song  
function ()vb.views.pgm.value =  


 ----update when it changes in song  
vb.views.pgm.max =  
vb.views.pgm.value =  

This is conceptually the same as the last time I posted. The equal symbol (=) assigns a value, not a pointer. When you initiated the valubox with the pgm id, you set it once. It’s your responsibility to change it if other things change. You’ll have to do the same with the track code. I didn’t look beyond the error message posted by dupoxy.

Hope this helps. Keep up the good work.

(Conner_Bw) #23

PS: When I try to uninstall in Renoise

Error Message: Failed to remove the scripting files (unknown error). Script uninstallation failed.
Error Message: If you get this error over and over again, try deleting the folder ‘/Users/ME/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V2.7.0/Scripts/Tools/seven.scientist.MPE.xrnx/’ manually to uninstall the tool.

This is because there’s a .DS_Store in /Users/ME/Library/Preferences/Renoise/V2.7.0/Scripts/Tools/seven.scientist.MPE.xrnx/Bitmaps

Yo Berlin, is anyone at HQ looking at this thread? Sure these are packaging issues but this is standard baggage on OSX and shouldn’t be this bad on the Renoise side.

(sevenscientist) #24

Thanks Conner_BW “To the rescue!” as always.

posted version 2.2

updated “step” button function - now also changes “step length used in pattern editor” to zero(0) – this is so you can use the arrow keys to step edit as many steps forward or back as you want
updated “song” button function - now also changes “step length used in pattern editor” to (2) – this is so the cursor moves forward a quarter beat every time you enter a note
fixed when you have the last instrument selected and a new instrument is added or deleted crash
fixed when you have the last track selected and a track is added or deleted crash

(Djeroek) #25

had an error with this newest version:

and pressing ‘seq’ in a new empty song gave:

pressing flevel:

(taktik) #26

Can replicate the uninstall problem, but not this one. Could someone upload a “broken” version so that I can have a look at this?

(sevenscientist) #27


you said this is part of your error

‘C:\Users\plugexpert\AppData\Roaming\Renoise\V2.7.0\Scripts\Tools\com.renoise.MPE.xrnx\main.lua’ failed in one of its notifiers.

the new version is not com.renoise.MPE.xrnx it is

so I think your PC may still have the old version installed, try manually deleting it if you can from


(bbarham) #28

This is very cool so far! Any plans for midi/keybind or osc control? I’d love to be able to control this via the numberpad or touchosc.

(Djeroek) #29

yep, seem to have had both installed and opened the buggy version :) , all seems to work fine now! Cheers.

(sevenscientist) #30

Cant believe were on page 2 and most bugs are worked out , exciting!

bbarham thats a great idea! and I will be doing that, I have taken time out of work to make this so it may take a little longer since I have to go back to work and do this in my spare time.
I think touch OSC is cool. Please let me know what you think the mapping should be for all the functions?

numpad is good but, how do we cater for users like me who are on a laptop with no numpad? ideas? suggestions? maybe we have it only support numberpad?

cool keep having fun!

future features may include:

  • the slice marker function like the slice tool so it divides a sample by 4/8/16?
  • slider to vary pitch/transpose all samples in an instrument?
  • rotary controllers to vary start and end points of a sample?

(esaruoho) #31

Ok where’s the newest build…?

(sevenscientist) #32

ok Tehnik, Im submitting it now

newest build was first post but im submitting it to the tools page now…

(esaruoho) #33

Can we now see a video of it in use? ;)

(Conner_Bw) #34

I see it on the tools page now.


(bbarham) #35

My terminology might be a little off because I’m not as familiar with building tools as I would like to be. I believe it is possible to hook customizable keybinds to the buttons on the MPE interface accessible from Preferences:Keys:Global:Tools. The numberpad on extended keyboards is default mapped to instrument selection, but I never use it. It seems like it would be more useful as a transport with pattern navigation.

This is the setup I have in my head (maybe out of scope of how you want MPE to function):

0= Bring up MPE interface
1= Stop
2= Play
3= PlayStart
4= Quarter - (2 steps in 8LPB)
5= Quarter + (2 steps in 8LPB)
6= First beat on last Bar
7= Whole - (8 steps in 8LPB)
8= Whole + (8 steps in 8LPB)
9= First beat on first Bar
+= Append a note column and move entry point to it
-= Remove column
*= MPC Erase button

Combined with the direction arrows for single-step navigation, this would allow for quick two-hand pattern creation that the MPC really excels at.

I use a laptop as well so I understand that this would be less functional in that context. Looking at the available options, I found this.

and it’s a USB hub! Who doesn’t need more usb ports?

I really appreciate the work you’ve put into this. It’s given me a different perspective on Renoise and inspired me to dive a bit deeper into LUA-land. I’d also like to echo esa’s request for a video;)

(sevenscientist) #36

cool! I will work on it and a video! thanks for the link!

(esaruoho) #37

Ok hi sevenscientist, I’m hoping to see a video soon.
I’ve got a few questions. I don’t know anything about how this is supposed to look, but just some observations.

  1. Clicking on Sample opens up the Sample-Recorder. However, when you click on the sample-button again, it doesn’t toggle the sample-recorder off. This can be done ;) (the issue here is that once you’ve pressed Sample once, no amount of pressing any other buttons will toggle the sample-recorder display off.)
  2. What is Trim-button supposed to show? For me, it opens up this: .
    This is my “Global View Preset #5”.
  3. What is Mixer-button supposed to show? For me, it opens up my “Global View Preset #3”.
  4. What is song-button supposed to show? For me, it opens up my “Global View Preset #4
  5. What is “PROG”-button supposed to show? It opens up “Global View Preset #6”.

The rest (calling a specific Global View Preset when pressing Record, OverDub, etc) are suffering from the same thing.
I’m guessing that you are calling the default Global View settings shipped with a just-installed Renoise. That’s great! But a better way is to directly implement, in-mpe-script, the screensettings you wish to use. This way this script will function as-supposed-to, even if the user has already changed his global view presets. dBlue+vV+Conner_Bw were kind enough to break it down for me a while ago, so I’ll just paste a bit of code here.

-- List:  
-- Upper Frame: 1 Disk Browser, 2 Track Scopes, 3 Master Scopes, 4 Master Spectrum  
-- Middle Frame: 1 Pattern Editor, 2 Mixer, 3 Sample Keyzones, 4 Sample Editor  
-- Lower Frame: 1 Track DSPs, 2 Automation, 3 Instrument Settings, 4 Song Settings  
function showsomethingF2() = 2 = 1 = 1 true = false = false = false = false  

Basically you can set your buttons to call these specific display functions, so you can have your MPE script show exactly what you want it to show. And you can toggle visibility of the sample record on and off, depending on what you want to do per button-functionality.

On a more positive side, I’m surprised and delighted to see that Save and New can be called from within a script :)
The step + / step - and <> are really cool, and the f.level ( Set Volume to maximum within selected sample ) was as surprising as the save + new.
I love that all the buttons have a tooltip on mouseover.

I’m slightly confused by “Step” calling a specific global view preset - if it’s just supposed to toggle follow-pattern off and record on. BTW, I’m fairly sure you can set these up to actually do the reverse, if follow pattern is off and record is already on - another click on the button would toggle follow-pattern on and record off. I’m also really impressed seeing that the samplename, pattern name and trackname can be called and shown directly in the script. That’s amazing!

It’d be nice if “Edit” button would also toggle the adv.edit parameter on and off - and for it to also be aware of which screendisplay it is on - for instance, Edit does nothing whatsoever if I’ve already been taken to GlobalViewPreset#8 by the “Step”-button.

I’m hoping you can add some text next to the “on/off/1/8/1/16/1/64” dropmenu, because it is extremely destructive on a currently functioning song- it’d be nice to know what this is doing without having know what the MPC2000XL does ;) It also seems that it does a couple of things - resize the pattern - and switch quantize on and off.

Same with the metronome yes/no toggle - again, everyone else knows what this is, but I have to discover it by toggling it on and off and hoping nothing specifically goes wrong with my track ;)
Same with the channel mute yes/no, again, feels a bit confusing to find these out by clicking blindly on the interface.

I realize you might want to keep the MPE so that it requires the original Global View Presets - but for anyone who has changed them, it’d be a godsend to simply call these directly from the MPE-script. If you call the screendisplay modes from the MPE-script directly, the user is left to muck around with GlobalViewPresets themselves, and then they basically get more functionality out of the MPE script while also retaining their self-made screensets, which might be called by other, non-mpe shortcuts/buttons.

Well, I hope reading this reply to your script wasn’t a total waste of time! Please carry on improving the script, either completely to how you want it tolook and function (who knows, maybe it already does exactly what you want it to do), or with these minor suggested modifications+improvements.

I’ll keep testing this tool on and off just to see how it progresses, and again: thanks for making it in the first place!

(sevenscientist) #38

Hey esaruoho, thanks for the feedback , you make some good points and I will work on the window preset things for the next release . Yep I added tooltips to the buttons but also to the menu items in the display area looking at your screenshots they are not readable I think its the theme (colours) you are using?

I dont want to be rude but I thought metronome and mute:yes/no are self explanatory - maybe I need a better tooltip?

I will do my best to improve it , thankyou for all the feedback and yes they are valid points. Cheers!

(esaruoho) #39

I don’t want to be rude either, so let’s not be. this is what I see

mute yes no and metronome are self-explanatory. But not when you don’t see them next to the dropdown menus. Then you have to guess ;)

If it’s a self-made palette type issue, then sure, but this is the first script that doesn’t show everything based on a theme :)

(sevenscientist) #40

esaruoho my apologies if I offended you, I have taken your advice and updated the song/trim/prog/mixer features (they also now turn off the sample mode) also the record and dub and step

I have also made the sample mode button begin sampling a new sample every time you press it after the forst press to bring up the sample record window, press trim/prog/mixer/song for it to go away.

PS I cant change or control the color of the text next to the display parts so yes its your palette thats causing the text to be almost invisible… look at the first post for version 2.3 please download and try and let me know if this is better ps you can see the text in the screenshot on the first post, (PS I have tried it with all other themes and It has been consistent in displaying.

thanks again for the feedback!
I will update it in the tools page as soon as I hear back from you!