New Tool (2.8): Pianolol Melody Editor

Hi there!

I’ve had this tiny idea of writing a simple visual way to edit melodies
in a piano roll’ish way:

So I wrote a tool today, I ripped the scalefinder scale code
and reused it in this tool. I hope thats alright with the
original author?

I haven’t used it extensively yet, but for the brave here is a first
version: http://ue.o—

You use it basically by selecting stuff in the pattern editor and then
go into the right-click context menu and select “Melody Editor…”.

You can not set new note events in the melody editor, only edit the pitch
of existing notes. The basic workflow for melody creation I’m usually following
is that I first create some rhythm with a single note and then flesh out the
pitches on top of that rhytm. Here my tool comes in, and will maybe prove useful

  • I hope :slight_smile:

Edit: The root note is yellow. The chromatic notes outside the scale are red,
and the notes inside the scale are green. If you have multiple notes inside a single
line in the pattern editor, each gets it’s own line in the melody editor - visually
closer together. See the lines 1.00 and 2.00 in the melody editor, they contain the
notes from the line 00 in the pattern editor. Generally, the numbering scheme is: ..

Cool! :D

credit him somewhere in the tool(code), if you haven’t already?

A right of course, I will!

Love the url.  

Rock on.

Just wanted to note, that I uploaded a newer version.
With some minor fixes and also added buttons for transposing the notes up/down.
While trying out the tool I had lots of fun, I think it is as good a
tool for composition as it is for live jamming and performing.


looks like a great workfow enhancer :]

ok just played a bit with it, and well this is just awesome! very intuitive gui

some kinda indicator of current row would be sweet

Yep, good idea. I added something that indicates the last played line in the melody editor. The new version will also update the melody editor now when you change something in the pattern editor.

Does it matter that it looks far more a step sequencer than a piano roll?

Also why is D4 on 1.03 and not 2.03? It’s in the second note column so would expect it to have the preface 2.

seems like an interesting tool :)

i dragged and dropped it into renoise and managed to test it out

unfortunately, after quitting that renoise session, it fails to load in my x64 renoise 2.8 final again with a “scripting tool error” pop up when renoise loads:

Ah, you are right. The column number is not the right one. The new version I just uploaded fixes that.

That also fixes this bug:

std::logic_error: 'trying to access a nil object of type 'class RenoiseSong'.the object is not or no longer available.'  
stack traceback:  
[C]: in function 'song'  
main.lua:294 in main chunk  

Thanks all for reporting!

Yea, it’s more like a step sequencer than a piano roll. Just that you can’t add new notes.
For a more proper piano roll some nicer buttons would be great, but messing with the tool GUI API is a total pain,
and it would ultimately just look a bit better but not handle better if I would replace the buttons by some image-buttons.

Usually one gets this error if is attempted to be fetched while Renoise didn’t had a new song ready. (if you start Renoise, tools are fired up earlier before a new song is initiated and thus isn’t available)

Yea, that was exactly the problem. Now I fetch the song in the right place :)

thank you for making this tool, it’s very nice to speed up workflow.

Not sure why, however, everything except the actual sequencer shows up when i load the melody editor.

The section to choose scale, (ie c and major etc) show up, as well as the options to refresh and transpose…however, the actual sequencer to input notes is amiss.

You have to select the notes in the pattern editor you want it to work with.

Very useful tool.
Thanks :)/>


I have modified the tool Pianolol Melody Editor to create a version a bit different, a melody editor
similar to that of fruity loop or lmms, you can see it in this image :

you must select at least one note, then in the block you have selected, you can add/remove note and you can add OFF note…
in this tool, the piano roll is horizontal as you can see in the image…

if you are interested let me know…

Email me


Snowcrash Project

I’m very interested, could you please post a link to download?