New Tool (2.8): Pitch Snap

3995 Pitch Snap Screenshot.png

Locks instrument pitch envelopes to a selected scale, effectively creates a 12 pitch envelopes, one for each note played. Ensures pitch envelopes are always in key, whichever note you play.
The video does a better job of explaining it…

It creates a keytracker and hydra to keep track of the note played, so you need to specify which track you will be playing the instrument on. Also don’t delete or change these devices while ‘Active’ is selected or you might get errors.
Feedback and bug reports are always welcome.


I installed this but have no idea how to activate or launch it. The video shows the tool in use, but not how you get to where the video begins.

Edit: nevermind; brain fart.

I don’t get what this does, kind of makes all kinds of arps in a selected scale??

Sort of…

Say you have an arp in a pitch envelop that sounds in key when you hit note C, it will most likely go out of key when you hit note C#, this is because all of the points will have been transposed by one.
When this tool is running it will keep all the points within a scale so an instrument with a pitch envelope melody will never go out of key, regardless of what note you hit.
Sort of like a phrase synth, its not just randomly creating new pitch envelope melodies but instead trying to constrain an existing envelope melody within a scale…

Make sense?

Is it keeping track of all the existing scales? Or only some basic scales?

It has 42 built in ‘common’ scales that you can select from, but you will have to do a bit of guess work to find out what scale the original melody is in, it doesn’t detect the scale yet.
However you could use something like this to find the original scale and key: http://www.scales-ch…scalefinder.php
The original melody is also restored when you deactivate the tool so any changes are not permanent. I am thinking about a ‘render’ option that would make the changes permanent either by creating multiple duplicate instruments or by having really long envelopes and using the 0E command.

EDIT: Just found out it renders just fine in realtime mode, so no need for a render mode! Sweet!

Cool idea, can’t wait to play with it!