New Tool (2.8): Pking

(MrPopinjay) #61

Hm. Well I am a programmer, with a renoise licence, and a padkontrol… I guess I could take a look. No idea how difficult it would be though.

(Forecast) #62

Me too would love to see further updates of pKing. I get the feeling it was dropped in favor of padKontrol support in Duplex, but that seems to have been stuck in an early stage.

(KASETA) #63

Hey guys! So what about that pKing version for Renoise 3.0?

Is it moving somewhere?

(ghostwerk) #64

r3.0 update is essential

(KASETA) #65

This silence makes me wanna learn to code :DDDD

Renoise 3 has such a great sampler, it’s like MPC on steroids, so if there would be a possibility for better cohesion with some sort of a hardware midi controller, I would probably pee my pants :smiley:

(MrPopinjay) #66

Learn to code. It’s great fun, and super useful :slight_smile:

(KASETA) #67

Yeah, easy to say :smiley:

Wouldn’t even know where to start :slight_smile:

Learn to code. It’s great fun, and super useful :slight_smile:

(Colin) #68

Not having pking in v3 is killing my workflow. Is there a technical reason why this can’t be properly implemented, or is it from lack of interest/funds. I would gladly try to raise funds for anyone who port this tool over.

(joule) #69

What are the error messages if you just change ApiVersion from 3 to 5 in the manifest.xml file?

I don’t own a padKontrol, but it shouldn’t be too difficult fixing what might be wrong if we collab.

For reference:

NB. I am guessing that Renoise autoupdates simple renames of constants, properties and methods, but that it might fail if some native classes/objects are ‘cached’. AFAIK there are not many changes on some deep ‘structural’ level - at least none that would be difficult to fix. Automation access comes to mind…

NB2. One obvious culprit is found in modes/samp_edit.lua:359-. These have been deprecated:

And in modes/support.lua:37-

I tried to fix those here. Try it and let me know of any error messages. I hope mxb doesn’t disprove, even though the source code says “Copyright” :worried:
com.mxb.pKing.xrnx (34.3 KB)