New Tool (2.8): Pking

Hm. Well I am a programmer, with a renoise licence, and a padkontrol… I guess I could take a look. No idea how difficult it would be though.

Me too would love to see further updates of pKing. I get the feeling it was dropped in favor of padKontrol support in Duplex, but that seems to have been stuck in an early stage.

Hey guys! So what about that pKing version for Renoise 3.0?

Is it moving somewhere?

r3.0 update is essential

This silence makes me wanna learn to code :DDDD

Renoise 3 has such a great sampler, it’s like MPC on steroids, so if there would be a possibility for better cohesion with some sort of a hardware midi controller, I would probably pee my pants :smiley:

Learn to code. It’s great fun, and super useful :slight_smile:

Yeah, easy to say :smiley:

Wouldn’t even know where to start :slight_smile:

Learn to code. It’s great fun, and super useful :slight_smile:

Not having pking in v3 is killing my workflow. Is there a technical reason why this can’t be properly implemented, or is it from lack of interest/funds. I would gladly try to raise funds for anyone who port this tool over.

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What are the error messages if you just change ApiVersion from 3 to 5 in the manifest.xml file?

I don’t own a padKontrol, but it shouldn’t be too difficult fixing what might be wrong if we collab.

For reference:

NB. I am guessing that Renoise autoupdates simple renames of constants, properties and methods, but that it might fail if some native classes/objects are ‘cached’. AFAIK there are not many changes on some deep ‘structural’ level - at least none that would be difficult to fix. Automation access comes to mind…

NB2. One obvious culprit is found in modes/samp_edit.lua:359-. These have been deprecated:

And in modes/support.lua:37-

I tried to fix those here. Try it and let me know of any error messages. I hope mxb doesn’t disprove, even though the source code says “Copyright” :worried:
com.mxb.pKing.xrnx (34.3 KB)

Sorry, just saw this. Gonna give it a go real quick!

Whew, so i screwed up my MBR switching some HDD’s and just got my desktop back, sorry for the late reply again.

It might work, but honestly I’m having alot of problems with the new Korg drivers for Win10. Until i can get the new drivers work i think i’m SOL.

OK, let me know when you can.

The tool should start in 3.1 now and (I’m guessing!) generally work, but I cannot vouch for 100% of its functionality. Especially if it comes to navigating between ‘views’. And the instrument and sample section were changed quite a bit in recent Renoise versions, but if there’s an interest we could probably adapt it with a bit of collab.

Hi, I just tested your version of the tool in linux x64.
The tool installed succesfully and then when I tried to start it from the Tools menu I got this: