New Tool (2.8): Pking

(fladd) #41

Oh, btw, I created a default drums instrument with all the pads assigned to a sample. This is useful, because replacing drums now is only a matter of hitting the pad and then double clicking (or hitting enter on) the sample in the file browser. I also set the envelopes to a useful setting for drums.


(mxb) #42

I have just uploaded version 2.1 to the tools page - get it here.

New / Changed features:

  • Bug fixes for some bugs identified by users.

  • ‘Reverse mapping’ of pads option in preferences. When disabled, the pads start at the top left and increase as you go down (as per the padKontrol numbers), when enabled, the pads start at the bottom left and increase as you go up (MPC style).

  • Pad root and scale prompt:

  • This is a new prompt and is accessed from PATT mode via ‘message’ button.

  • ‘X’ will set the pads root note (default of C-4, can range from Gb-3 to Gb-4 to shift all pads +/- 6 semitones).

  • ‘Y’ will set the pads to a scale! Supported scales are:

  • Chr - Chromatic - 1 semitone increase per pad.

  • Mj - Major - Two octaves of major scale.

  • MMn - Melodic minor - Two octaves of melodic minor scale.

  • hMn - Harmonic minor - Two octaves of harmonic minor scale.

  • nMn - Natural minor - Two octaves of natural minor scale.

  • pMj - Pentatonic major - Three octaves of pentatonic major scale.

  • pMn - Pentatonic minor - Three octaves of pentatonic minor scale.

Grab the update and enjoy!


Amazing! You is legend!

(motormind) #44

I have been fiddling around with this for a while now. One minor quibble:

Whenever I play “roll” in pattern mode, it instantly enables per-pattern looping. Is there a way to switch this off?

(atmoner) #45


@mxb, You are wonderful!
already, I thank the whole team Renoise for Linux developement, it works perfectly!
But now I can use my PADKONTROL under linux whit your tool mxb :yeah:

a big thank to you ;)

(mxb) #46

Sorry I must have missed this comment earlier.

The roll button will not implement the roll feature with the X-Y pad when pKing is running. pKing takes over control over the entire device, which disables ‘built-in’ functionality. Similar with ‘full velocity’. pKing uses these buttons for different actions in different modes - see the manual for details.

Hey atmoner,


The Renoise team do all the hard work, I just add special pixie dust and try and make cool things :)

(laurencedavies) #47

Two things:

  1. Where do I pay you money, mxb?

  2. I’m stuck on one major point - how do I change prompt modes? I’m in PAT, and I want to change to InS. EDIT: Found it. My bad. I’ve yet to master the action buttons.

This tool may make me sell some hardware and just use the computer + padkontrol. I think that’s a mark of really good software.

(laurencedavies) #48

I’m not sure if pKing does this, but it would be AWESOME if it did - is it possible to assign separate instruments to each pad and have each pad capable of triggering more than one instrument? This would be ideal for layering drums.

I often use the built-in assign instruments to separate tracks via the midi-in selector for each instrument so that kicks endup on track 1, snares on track 2, hihats on 3, claves on 4, etc. Using pKing in this manner would make it the perfect tool (for me, but I’ll be selfish enough to say in general).

(mxb) #49
  1. You don’t :)/>/>

  2. Hopefully you found it in the manual, let me know if anything in the manual isn’t clear.

Unfortunately, this isn’t really possible with the padKontrol and Renoise as they are. Maybe if Renoise implements some extra features it may be possible, but I wouldn’t hold out for this as the ‘automatic’ mapping to instruments would have to be done by the Renoise core.

(laurencedavies) #50

Hey, thanks for writing back!

Yep, found it! Thanks.

Perhaps I could rephrase my question - is it possible to have each pad trigger a different instrument? Sequentially is ok, i.e. bottom row triggers instruments 00, 01, 02, 03, next row triggers 04, 05, 06, 07 etc.

(Dwark) #51


First off thank you for creating this powerfull tool.
I just have one question, what happened to the step sequencer ?
It would be usefull in my complex drum and bass beats entering ghost notes etc.


(mxb) #52

Yes, the step sequencer was dropped in the rewrite. It could still be added though, but I don’t think there are any free buttons.

Sorry if that’s a pain.

(Dwark) #53

Thank you for your reply.
Been doing some more searching I found ReKontrol but read it was also ‘shot’ :(
Any chance you will ever release a new step-sequencer for the padkontrol ?

(Dwark) #54

Hi mxb,

I have altered some code in ReKontrol, now it works in 2.8 :)
Thank you for the nice tools.



(MrPopinjay) #55

I’ve just picked up a padkontrol, eep, exciting times!
Anyway, this tool is awesome. Thanks mxb! I owe you a beer :)

(Dwark) #56

Hi mxb,

Will you update pking to work with renoise 3.0 ?
Thanks in advance…

(fuzzcreatorhasenpfeffer) #57

Nevermind, and apologies…went through the process again and discovered I’d set Pking prefs wrong

[s]New to RN (but not to DAWs) and I’m having trouble here, with Pking v2.1, using RN 2.8.2/64bit on Mac OS 10.6.8

I’ve watched all the tuts on youtube, rtfm, set the prefs of the tool [PK MIDI input=PK (MIDI in); PK MIDI output=pk (ctrl)]–and RN [Device B=PK (portB)]–as indicated, even checked my Mac’s AudioMidi setup…this is the last thing I can think to do: ask the forum.

Its quite simple, really, when I start Pking, the PK displays ‘Pat’ and the Knob1 Assign lights up…and that’s it. While I can play the pads and trigger samples in an instrument (which is set to Device:pk(port B), ch1), I can’t start/stop the transport, or anything else for that matter. All knobs and buttons are otherwise non-functional. If I manually start the sequencer, RN dutifully displays bars/beats as it cycles around. But other than that, the PK is unresponsive.

This suggests the PK is receiving transport feedback from RN, but something is stopping the PK from sending commands to RN.

Any suggestions, or could this be a 32bit/64bit RN issue? Sorry, I’m grasping at straws here.

(fladd) #58

A new version for 3.0 would be awesome! Especially with all the new feature. E.g. per sample envelope.

(demetrioi) #59

First of all I apologize that my first post is necroing a 2 year old thread.

I found a padkontrol on the ground in the furniture disposal place in my apartment complex, and there was nothing wrong with it (other than being an old piece of gear!)

I like pking very much, but I wanted to know if anyone had an older version that still had the step sequencer in it. I would link to a video but it was turned to private just a couple days ago.

(fladd) #60

I would really love a version for Renoise 3! Just some minor additions like setting one-shote mode from the controller or adding/adjusting adhsr would make an even better experience as the current 2.8 version of the tool.

Any really good an enthusiastic Lua coders interested in reviving this thing?