New Tool (2.8) Volume Scale


I am pleased to announce my first tool: Volume Scale.

Basically, it is my version of “Volume Scale” function found in Fasttracker 2.
With this tool you can create fade in/out only with the volume column. You can also proportionally increase/decrease the volume of selected notes.

I hope you will find this helpful!

More information:

Thanks, will try it.

thank you very much! it seems its working very well so far 8)
i did not know if its possible: but could you capture “undo” and “redo” keypressure and give it to renoise?
currently i have to click the renoise window to be able a quick undo if your tool is opened.

however, this tool is very good and long awaited :)
what about some presets like fade in from 0–>100 and 100–>0 ?

Sorry for drifting this in OT territory, but could you make a hack of this tool that applies it to the automation editor? So selected values are scaled between tool min and max?

Would that just be putting the Min value on first position in selection, Max value at last (better to call them Start and End maybe)?? Or do you mean somehow working with existing points? More description needed…

No, have you checked this tool working on the volume values in the pattern editor??

You don’t set min and max values in the tool, but percentages. These are scaled across all points/events available in the pattern selection.

Doh! Silly me. I see now.

So far I’ve struggled with trying to read from currently focused automation envelope, as you may see from my thread in suggestion. Although with some parameters where you are scaling towards may be a valid question. Parameter default? (Which I’m not sure if it related to Init or to last loaded Preset off top of my head.)

Sure it should be possible though. :)

Thanks, looks a useful tool!

Oh I have been waiting for this 2001!!! Brilliant! Yes! Thank you! :D

Great tool, thanks alot!

thanks! :)

Thanks for the feedback! I did not think other people really missed the volume scale feature!

I have updated the tool to v1.2 with new features:

  • Undo and redo are passed to Renoise (also added undo and redo buttons)
  • four presets created Fade In, Fade Out, Halve, Double both accessible with predefined shortcut key

Available here: Volume Scale 1.2

The idea of having a similar tool for automation is really nice. Though, the concept behind automation il a bit more complex than just counting lines on a pattern.
I would see it as a different tool, specifically for automation. I don’t know if it would be possible since I haven’t found on the automation selection…

ok no worries, just shouting out ideas that hopefully someone will pick up (eventually :wink: )! Maybe the api should be made easier for the automation editor, seeing that we only have about 2 tools right now to manipulate envelopes! :drummer:

  • thanks for the update, question:

Right now the tool only seems to work when there is a note-event present in the pattern editor at the same place of the volume entry, could you make it so the tool also works on volume entries without note events?

FR: a clear button could be useful, as when you click OK it does a percentage of what’s already there.

+1 but I think this should be an option, In some causes its better the way it is.

Thanks for the feedback. I just released a new version:

1.3 Change log:

  • Fixed bug happening when Master or Send tracks were selected
  • New clear button to clear all volume information within the selection
  • “Process notes only” When toggled, volume is written to note columns with notes. If disabled, volume information is written in all the note columns of the selection.

I hope you will enjoy this new version…

Good tool for acids or fade ins. I use it a lot - in all my modules. Most needed function. Thanks.

This is just what I was looking for, thanks!