New Tool (3.0): dSampleTrim

I’m in the process of sampling some hardware that i have to sell, and needed a tool to automatically cut the silence at the start and end of samples:


So, how do you use it?

For a single sample simply move the Trim start / end sliders and the tool wil update the selection of the selected sample.

When you’re satisfied press the ‘Trim sample!’ button, which deletes everything outside of the selection (like the built-in trim function).

For processing all samples of the instrument, the 'Select all!" button will apply the current trim settings to the selection of all samples and the ‘Trim all!’ will cut all samples to the selection range.

WARNING: Batch trimming samples can take quite a bit of time!

A note about the other controls:

Threshold values:

Threshold (1-1000). A value of 100 means that everything below 1/10th
of the full (clipping) volume gets cut, if the trimming strength is set to 100%

Sample size & step:
Both values are used to average the sample data.
Sample step set to ‘1’ means that every sample frame will be checked.
Sample step ‘2’, ‘3’, etc. means that only every 2nd, 3rd, etc sample will be checked.

Higher settings will improve the performance a lot, but also make the result less reliable.
Sample size is the amount of samples the tool will collect and average before it decides
if the threshold is reached.

I haven’t really figured out good default values yet, if you feel you found good “works for everything” settings, please let me know. (A warning here too, the averaged volume gets reset to zero after each sample size, in combination with the sample step results can be a bit confusing. I’ll probably look into that code again and try to improve it.)

Also, if anybody has an idea how to make this faster, let me know!


Great I was wondering if this existed while I was on the way to work, and suddenly it does.

super cool! it might be very useful when making instruments for sharing. perhaps if you have the time i would suggest you to add options for raising or lowering the levels of the samples as well.

That’s really awesome to have this in Renoise. I’d actually like to see more batch processing stuff in general in Renoise.

I’m at work and haven’t got to try it out yet, but if it’s super slow, you_can_ do this pretty quickly in Audacity too.