New Tool (3.0): Instrument comments editor

As a method of trying out the view builder, I’ve created this tool for the soon to be implemented right? instrument comments function. So till then, there’s this tool instead.

In relation to getting used to the api, What is the proper way of debugging? As in, currently to add a menu entry, I invoke a bug-less function then change the invoke to the main function for debugging.

Cool, just tried it and it worked. Is there a way though to make it pop the comment upon xrni load? Like the “show comments after loading” checkbox for song comments?

for loading over an empty instrument slot, rather simply, will check and implement in a couple of hours when i get home

Ok, I guess observables don’t fire if you load an instrument, only when you actively change it, so no luck there.

Useful little script, thank you!

Although there are ways to perform remote debugging (REMDEBUG), these are tricky to install and operate.

In most cases, you’d simply want to print some text to the console.
It’s a “poor mans debugger”, but for smaller projects like this one it should work just fine :slight_smile:

For medium size projects, you can come a long way with printing stuff to the console, with a bit of string interpretation thrown on top.
This is how the Duplex TRACE implementation works - take look at the code here: