New tool (3.0): Instrument Info

(danoise) #1

The instrument in Renoise 3 has a feature which is well and truly hidden:

It supports comments and tags, both will be saved along with the instrument just fine.

It’s just that we don’t have any way to view or edit those comments or tags - until now!

5376 InstrumentInfo.png

The tool is simple to use - drag to install the xrnx, then right-click any instrument to view/edit

(the dialog will automatically update as you switch between instruments)

You can enter multiple tags in one go by separating each one with a comma

Edit existing tags by clicking them twice (once selected, hit DEL to remove it quickly)

Edit: the tool download is now on the official tools page:

XRNI library organiser in rnsutils (as well as comments, tags, reencod
(pat) #2

awesome, thank you!!

(ffx) #3

Info showing as tooltip on long mouse over would be ideal!


(triple zero) #4

And of course the ability to search by tag … but yeah, I presume this is an in-development feature that might get expanded in newer versions?

(danoise) #5

Mouse over to see this information would be an excellent native implementation :slight_smile:

But how about instrument “stats”, more keybindings?

(Meef Chaloin) #6

Very nice, thanks

(ffx) #7

Hm maybe very useful would be a list of optional descriptable fx chains that are load able just by double clicking, for example:

Retro synth brass

Desc: 80s synth brass

Fx 1: chorus and tube for analog touch [load] [x]
Fx 2: phased and filtered [load] [x]
Add new [+] (selecting fx chain file…)

(TheBellows) #8

Very cool!

Now all we’re missing is presets! :dribble:

(Raphael) #9

Nice! It means you can hide jokes and sexy ascii images when sharing instruments B)

(danoise) #10

Nice! It means you can hide jokes and sexy ascii images when sharing instruments B)

Rather, this tool will enable you toshowthem :blush:

And of course the ability to search by tag …

Hey, this would be easy for the tool to do - as long as those instruments are loaded into the song/memory.

I am currently building quite a sample library using songs as the “container format” - and being able to compare/cross-reference tags here would be really useful.

I think the only substantial benefit to a native implementation is quickly searching across files in the file system. But for now, just being able to add these comments/tags and knowing that they will become even more useful in the future is good :slight_smile:

(BpZ) #11

Simply USEFUL.


We have (PLUS) preset informations now…

You look ahead.

(Brother Tim) #12

thank you