New Tool (3.0): Loop Control

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Anyway, off to more important stuff :) I’d love if the tool could compensate for the pitch change on short loops (“chip sounds”) - i e changing the finetune parameter accordingly. This would allow to “PWM” and loop-pan any handdrawn chip sample.


Yeah I get it, however I don’t think this tool is an API abuse, there is nothing in the API docs that say you shouldn’t do something like this, yes there are limitations but often these are only discovered after a tool is put out there. But yes moving on, I think we have made our respective points!

Great idea, I’ll look into it… might be a bit of a hacky solution though

EDIT: Just want to add, if you put the tool into note mode and set it to a small loop size it should be in tune to a note in the chromatic scale. Once you have that you can get the PWM effect by sweeping the loop end point as the loop size will be maintained.

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sweet mother of glitchin :drummer:

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This tool provides functionality that I have been dreaming of in a daw for many long years. Thanks for creating it!

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Thank you afta8 you made a great job on this one !

I just made a new instrument with it, its a basic pulsewave modulation square and sound just soo good !

If anybody want to take a look at it here is the link !


That does indeed sound very good, thanks!

Just a note, anyone loading this will need to change the doofer labeled ‘pwm’ to ‘1’ for it to work, the tool uses the doofer name to know which sample to link to. I’ll try and think of a different way to do this for a future release.

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Hey your right ! But even more, for me i had to change the label and had to reclick on “add loop control” for making it to work after loading it !


Yes you are right, you will need to reload the song or as you have done reclick on “add loop control”. I will fix the next update so that it scans instruments that are loaded and sets them up if they need to be.

Thanks, hope this becomes native in future… oh and welcome to the forum :)

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Very cool, afta8! Will definitely be exploring this!
I have what may seem like a ‘wtf?’ question, though maybe it’d be surprisingly easy to implement? As much as I might want to automate sample start as part of a loop, I also like to automate sample start regardless of whether the sample is looped. I’m relatively new to RN and my understanding is we can’t (yet) midi-map/automate sample start natively. Would it be possible to add a ‘loop off’ switch yet still be able to automate sample start in this tool? I like to mess around with velocity-mapped-to-sample-start (or cc-to-sample-start) for subtle (and not-so-subtle) sample trigger variation. I realize that I could probably do the same thing by making sure my note duration is shorter than the length of the sample, but…well, it’d be one less performance variable to worry about if I could just turn the looping off but retain the automatable sample start. Thx!

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If there isn’t a proper way to do this, you could add a lot of silence to the end of the sample and have a volume envelope that cuts to zero volume before the silence runs out.

(fuzzcreatorhasenpfeffer) #31

Not a bad idea. In fact, adding silence to a sample might not even be necessary (though some interesting glitch fx could result), as the volume envelope is a (midi) performance parameter, while sample looping is an instrument parameter. And if that holds up in testing, and the volume envelope is itself automatable, it’d be another kind of realtime sample end/loop end adjustment…hmmm


Thanks :)
I’ve got a loop mode dial in the works for this which will let you select loop off as well. Sample start point is unfortunately not yet supported natively, but I do have a hack to do that as well. Will get onto it when I have more time

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Mega awesome. I’m subscribed to this thread. When you announce it, I’ll be on it :yeah:

(Psynapsex) #34

Potentially one of the best tools made hands down.

Is there a way to sync the “start” position with the “loop start” position???


Potentially one of the best tools made hands down.

Is there a way to sync the “start” position with the “loop start” position???

Thanks :slight_smile:

If you mean control sample start position, yes it is possible but it’s quite a hack.
You basically have to create a one line phrase and then have a 0Sxx command where the value is then controlled by a doofer dial.

So damn hacky your computer may blow up!

(But worth trying anyway :slight_smile: maybe someone can pick it up, I don’t have much time at the moment)

(Chris Edberg) #36

Hi, this looks interesting. I have a (perhaps stupid) question; does the loops created with this tool affect the .xrni’s so that other Renoise users can load these instruments correctly without the tool, or are the loops dependent on the tool?


The loop start and end points will be stored at their position when you save it. However any modulations on loop start and end won’t work unless the user has the tool installed. So for example if you have this in an xrnx and the loop start is being controlled by a LFO in the same FX chan in then that won’t work for a user that doesn’t have the tool installed.

As a rule of thumb I wouldn’t share instruments made with this. However there are occasions where if you are using the tool to create loops that are static then that should be ok.

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How do I automate the doofer so I can draw in sample end on the track/pattern ?

I press the button under the macro/loop end. Formula pops up all red. I move the Loop end and the vertical fade moves with the macro, bur nothing happens when I move the fader with the mouse.

Cant get my head around this. All I wanna do is automate Loop End , I want to draw this macro in. When I google this all tutorials use signals followers, it makes no sence, its so easy i Live, but not that easy or straight forward i Renoise

Can any one help me out, thanks

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How can i automate this tool?

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Good afternoon/morning/evening (depending on when you are reading this)!

Does anyone still have this tool and could share? I couldn’t find on the “tools” page and can’t seem to see a link on the first post in the new forum format (might just be going senile in my dotage). TIA!