New Tool (3.0): Loop Control

(taktik) #41

I’ve added back the original attachment now. It got lost during the forum migration. See first post.

(TheCytha) #42

OMGAWESOMESAUCE to the MAXimummmmmm! :slight_smile: Thanks so much taktik!!!

(Djeroek) #43

Dang, I haven’t given this tool enough playtime :slight_smile: , seriously rinsing it right now! Thanks again Afta.

(TheCytha) #44

Hey JTPE! Would be interested in hearing some musics where you used this. Can you post some? Would be interested to hear what an expert is doing with this. . .

From this end: Been working on building better instruments. Last night tied an LFO, custom as a one-shot straight ramp to sample length to get some of that grain-y, akaizer type sound. Put a keytracker set to reset the LFO. Not quite where I want the sound, but a way to get that sort of steady akaizer on a loop.

(Djeroek) #45

Nothing finished or worth sharing yet, I think music making in general will take some time as I’ll be moving soon.

Sounds cool, feel free to share some instruments :slight_smile: .

(TheCytha) #46

Good luck w/ the move! Know they can be exhausting endeavors, hope it all goes smoothly. . . and hope you get a chance to get back to making music soon!

For those interested crappy example instrument here

C->G keys are just different breaks that have been cropped/quantized. Key “A” has the loop control (with some other effects). Not, by any means, and expert example of anything but def let me know if anyone has questions. :slight_smile: