New Tool (3.0): Midi Convert

I don’t get it. It asks you to save to a folder already via save as, no?

Yes. However, setting the folder to a specific folder, and being able to export a selection to midi to that specific folder directly, “press shortcut” -> “midi appears in folder” was what i was after :)

basically what im after is setting a default folder for midi, and saving to it with a shortcut during the making of a track, and then having say ableton live following that default folder and being able to drag them in. a motorway of midi between two softwares that can load midi

Interesting, but no, I’m not going to do that. Kind of out of scope for me. Very specific and impractical IMHO. Why not just use Rewire or MIDI in realtime instead of exporting files?

Please feel free to hack it in yourself, though.


Works for me. Updated the tools page.

Sorry about the late reply, unlike I first thought I was not able to test it till just now. And it looks like it works perfect! Thanks for solving this bug, you made my music life a bit easier :)

I’m having troubles with this. Its makes a midi file ok, which opens fine in fl studio, but each part is lost somewhere randomly in the middle of this huge long midi file.

Reaper won’t open it claiming 12 EDL header items are missing

Acid Pro won’t open it.

Ableton and renoise open it fine

Did you try in another sequencer to make sure it isn’t a Fruity Loops problem?

Share the XRNS file, the MIDI file, and more details so I can have a look?

2.8 compatible version added to the Tools page:

It would be very cool if one could insert events into a Renoise track by importing them from a midi file. That would allow, e.g., to more efficiently use the midi files that nowadays are included with several drum vsts such as EZDrummer and others.


Today I received a bug report about the Midi Convert tool from a japanese user.
Now I’ve confirmed it and tried to make example files. Please check these issues.


  • The midi file [A] which is exported from Renoise cannot be imported to Reason.
    Reason says: “The midi file could not be imported due to corrupt data”

Also if I import the midi file [A] to FL Studio, a very looong blank section is inserted before a real phrase.

But the midi file [A] can be imported to Reaper, so once I imported it to Reaper then exported as a midi file [B].
The [B] can be imported to Reason and FL Studio correctly.

So I guess that some necessary data are missing in the [A].

And 1 more issue:

  • If I make a group track in Renoise then try to export as a midi file, the error message appears:

Conner fixed the bugs mentioned above (V0.9).

As long as I tested, now the midi file could be imported normally to DAWs which had a trouble before (Reason, FL, MuLab, energyXT, etc).

Thanks for the effort, Conner!! :yeah:

Two small suggestions:

an export option on each individual track (to be exported on midi channel 1 or custom channel)

export every track individually (on midi channel 1 or custom channel)

Of course the midi can be split up in most hosts onto individual tracks but they will still be on the different midi channels which makes for lots of copying and pasting in hosts that don’t allow arbitrary switching of midi channel numbers.

Any chance to get export of pitch bends?

Another question: What do we do to export songs that match up with music timing? IE: Each module Pattern = a measure. As is, when i export, the patterns do not line up with measures.

I’m not actively maintaining this script at this time.

There is no chance of pitch bends in the near future. Or anything else that isn’t a show stopper. Sorry.

Patches welcome.

There is a bug with consequent notes of the same pitch creating randomly notes of zero length, I described it here:

consequent notes of the same pitch

Wow, it seems almost unlikely that such a bug crept through.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

As maintainer of the renoise-team tools, I will attempt to come up with a fix - unless of course Conner steps in before me :slight_smile:

Yeah I was a bit amazed that nobody reported this already, since it makes the exported files nearly unuseable.

I’m importing them in Reaper, I don’t know if some other software has some intelligent filter to reverse cases like these, since it’s pretty evident zero-length notes must be an accident?

Anyway, I would love to see this fixed, now I’ve been exporting MIDs via the EnergyXT VST plug, which is slooow…

Wow, it seems almost unlikely that such a bug crept through.

Thanks for reporting :slight_smile:

As maintainer of the renoise-team tools, I will attempt to come up with a fix - unless of course Conner steps in before me :slight_smile:

It’s all yours! :wink: