New Tool (3.0): Mod / Xm Converter

Xrns2XMod, the mod / xm converter from renoise song format, is now also a tool

Xrns2XMOD Tool

In order to make it work, download latest binary version of Xrns2XMod here

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This tool can proove to be very handy, being a chipmusician using milkytracker.

I could have used this tool last december… had to do some Amiga Christmas mod project that i had to manually convert a lot of samples for…

Actually xrns2xmod exists since 2010, this tool is just an interface for the main program :)

Ah yes sorry, i didn’t looked towards that direction though, specially because conversion of an xrns to a mod file means loosing an awfull lot that i didn’t expect anyone to bother himself creating such converter at all.
But i’ll keep it in mind for the next mod project…


I just tried your tool, hoping to use it in conjunction with milkytracker, taking temporary advantage of Renoises arranger (PM). This would require the ability to load an xm and export it without anything being changed. Would this be possible in a future version? (except for vibsweep that can never be converted)

My experience was that sample rates were converted in some way. I noticed this on the percussions on one of my chiptunes.

I really hope I’ll be able to use this in the future. It’s such a nice effort you’ve made :)

Currently the import format API don’t give the first right to tools to disect the contents before loading and converting it into Renoise.
The tool would then have to load the XM in binary form, convert a lot of stuff of itself and then attempt to remodify contents that can be morphed back into its original glory.

Many of Renoise its extras aren’t convertible into older formats and you will easily misuse these features once you are working on such module in Renoise.
I can image that some quick features like the render to sample feature would be of use to quickly enhance a module, but i would not compose an XM in Renoise in the hopes to get it crispy clean converted to a native XM variant.


Good to know. It’s a pity the samples are mangled though. Like I said, I would benefit mostly from the pattern matrix, but it wouldn’t be a sane workflow without switching fairly easily between trackers (not having to reload .xi:s in the xm tracker for instance).

That is an inevitable limitation of the XM format, 16 bit and 44Khz at max. By going down from 32-bit to 16 bit you lose 50% of your data including what you have processed in Renoise.
Only thing to somewhat save the structure is using an external sampler that can do a good job with resampling.

Joule, first off thank for your feedback.

Maybe I’ve not understood well, but are saying that converted samples lose something with conversion ?

If yes, as vV said there are some limitations due to the format itself:

for XM, 44Khz and 16 bit
for MOD, only 8 bit mono samples.

For the rest I think the sample remains the same.

Yes. I’m checking more closely and it seems the exported samples are heavily ramped. I noticed this by a snare/stick getting a very low attack.

If you’re using BASS in some way to export each instrument, maybe you need to make sure that no interpolation and no ramping is being used?

Can you send me your xrns?

obviously it is not important to send also the pattern :slight_smile:

Original xm:

As xrns:

Exported to xm again:

looks true.

I’ll investigate about it and I’ll let you know.

Should be solved, check out the latest version


What need I do to update? I downloaded the tool from the first post without any change.

The tool is just an interface, you need to download he main program from the homepage site.

Zenon, Yes. Where do I need to copy it? Perhaps some path button could be added to the tool ui.

There’s already a “Locate” button on the tool where you specify the path of xrns2xmodcmd.exe