New Tool (3.0): ReLame Mp3 encoder

Here is the first public release of ReLame.

With this tool you can render your song to a 320 KBPS mp3 file.
It uses the Lame encoder, hence the name.

For now you can’t set any option, it’s just for testing that the whole thing works.

When installed, open up a song, go to the file menu, and hit: Render song to Mp3

Let me know if everything works okay or you have some ideas, so i can build more options for it.
For now it’s windows only, next there will be a Linux version.

For download please check post nr 2 from 4tey. :ph34r:/>

Have fun converting your songs!

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PS. i almost forgot, based on code by Conner_bw. Thanks Conner_bw!

Ah, you could add in a small gui for the user to select the bit rate etc… :)

See further down for download :)

Hey 4Tey,

Thanks for adding the Gui :)/>

Much cooler now!
Love this community

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finally it’s happened! :D



No, at the moment the above scripts will only work under Linux or Windows. I’m not sure what the command line is under osx, sorry.

See post #23

Works great on Mint 15 (linux).

One suggestion: is it possible to edit the ID3 tag for the mp3 file in the tool?

Something like this?

Attachment 4513 not found.


Hmm, I’ll have a think… :)

Quick hack to give the ability to modify the ID3 tags. Should be okay under Linux :)

Edit: See post #23


Could you add Genre and Track Number to the ID3 tag too?
When you save the actual mp3 file a progress bar should also be nice (if possible of course)

Works fine BTW. Thanx!

Ah, I agree a progress bar would be nice. I’m not sure if it would be possible or if it is possible it would be damn tricky. I’ve quickly hacked in a genre list and you can specify a track number. As I don’t use mp3 files myself I haven’t tested it fully :)


Small suggestion: could you sort the genre names in the list?

I can Tom :)

Lucky I know about the Unix sort command :)

Thanks again! What a great support.

Hopefully the progress bar can be implemented as well.

Tom, I’ve just quickly put together a version that runs Lame under an xterm terminal. That way you should be able to see the progress bar from Lame. Better than nothing ;)

I get this error:

Error 32512: Could not start Lame.

Thing is that lame is installed:

tom@PC ~ $ lame
LAME 64bits version 3.99.5 (

usage: lame [options] [outfile]

and/or can be “-”, which means stdin/stdout.

“lame --help” for general usage information
“lame --preset help” for information on suggested predefined settings
“lame --longhelp”
or “lame -?” for a complete options list

Tom, can you just check if you have xterm installed in your Linux Mint for me?

Try typing at a terminal: $ whereis xterm

It should report back some paths.

If it doesn’t, then try at a terminal:

$ sudo apt-get install xterm

Try the tool again to see if it works.