New Tool (3.0) : Simon Game (Random Simon Game Notes)

Hello, this is my first XRNX program. :slight_smile: (I am new to LUA programming…)

What it does is, using the supplied ‘Simon Game.xrni’, makes random notes from the electronic game called “Simon”.

There are four Random modes:

“With Rests & No Razz”
“With Rests & With Razz”
“No Rests & No Razz”
“No Rests & With Razz”

What you do is load the ‘Simon Game.xrni’, the program finds it, and fills the seleced pattern of the track you are in with random notes.

It will prompt you if you do not have the ‘Simon Game.xrni’ loaded.

Everything is included in the *.zip file to use.

I even included the *.ogg files I made for the differant colored buttons of the game. :slight_smile:

Works with version 3.0, not sure with lower versions.