New Tool (3.0): Vsti From Menu


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Am I right to conclude every time you start up Renoise, this script collects all vsti entries all over again? There should be a way to store this info somewhere, like it is done in the cache.

:D Im guesing thats about a five minute wait for you!

will look into this for a future version.

The list of plugins scripts get, already is from Renoises plugin cache, so this should not be a problem.

ok, thanks,

@ Jonas
I can`t see how to speed it up for you Jonas as if it was cached all the plugs would be be called/ menus populated roughly in the same way as the script works now.

Nice tool!

Idea: Recent loaded plugin list, like:

-Load Plugin -> -Recent plugins -> -Recent1  
 -Plugin1 -Recent2  
 -Plugin2 -Recent3  
 -Plugin3 ...   

Nice idea…


Thanks to conner, a mac AU fix:

Added: Support for fx, including plugins and Native
– Accessable in Mixer and Track DSP menus
– Same AutoOpen Gui option available at the bottom of the VST fx menu


Edit: has anyone been able to test this on linuk for DSSI yet?

got a bug notice installing the script on another computer:

It doesn’t have any vsti installed!

FX - Awesome! I have a small request. It is possible to include all “Deprecated devices” in the (sub)menu? Please :) Will be great:)

Awesome work Ledger, only thing i could ask for is some kind of seperation, like favourites folders or such
Never realised i had so many VST FX installed hahaha.
Again brilliant work (Is this guy on fire at the minute or what)

Thanks for the useful tool. :)

Thanks all for the feedback,

new version 0.61 up with a fix when no VSTs are present on a system.

Thanks please check 0.61 which will be up in a minute…

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Another nice suggestion.

Great tool Ledger! I think I’ll find this very useful in the Mixer View. Add my vote to the cause for constructing some sort of Favorites system.

Hi there,

great tool :)

I’m using it all the time, but since my collection is huge I kinda wouldn’t mind if it opened something like this:

-Load Plugin -> Developername1   
 Developername3 -> - Pluginname1  
 - Pluginname2  
 - ...  

That way it shortens the pick list hugely and saves time scrolling down all the time. :)

I hope it’s clear what I mean.

Cheers ^^

Perhaps something like the Cubase vst loader?
It goes - Dir > Subdir > Plugin name (not filename). -Edit: this way you can sort your plugins yourself, manually (by the way you install them, eg. /compressors;/eq)

As someone already mentioned before, a way to compose your own list of favorite plugins, in a manner of a “plugin database editor” would be great. but way over the top I guess.

Thanks, by the way. :)

2.7 beta update added:


[b]Note: suggestions for preferences/ favourites for this tool have been worked on, though I am encountering some crashes in renoise.

Hopefully will get to the bottom of this but it may take a while.[/b]

  1. In the mixer context menu, the “Filter” doesn’t show up here. I wonder why? I haven’t checked if any other native dsp is affected.

  2. It would be neat if it would display the hidden/beta/outdated dsps, like shaper, in a sub menu. Wouldn’t it?