New Tool (3.0): Vsti From Menu

Download On Tools Page:…/vsti-from-menu

note: requires a new song to be loaded/ started after initial install to create the menus.

What it does:

  1. Load Vsti`s from right-click menus of the instrument box and fx in mixer “right-click menu” and DSP lane “right-click menu”
  2. Gives custom search boxes for instrument plugins and effects
  3. Gives two shortcuts to navigate instrument plugin presets.


NOTE: `VFM` is added to the beginning of all shortcuts for this tool, in order to make them easy to search for in the renoise shortcuts list

`VFM` Previous VSTi Preset
`VFM` Next VSTi Preset

Select the next and previous plugin presets via these shortcuts

`VFM` Search and Load FX
`VFM` Search and Load VSTi

Opens a custom search box to load plugin instruments or fx. This is the fastest way to load plugins.

-The New Slot button (added v1.3) can be pressed to take you to the first empty slot in the instrument box ready for a new instrument to be loaded. If no empty slots are present a new slot will be created.

-If the Ed. checkbox is enabled it means the plugin GUI will be opened automatically on loading (either via Load button or pressing return)

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minor update:

-Now the ‘New Slot’ button in the search gui, appears red if there is already an instrument that will be loaded over in instrument list.

3.0 Version:
5910 ledger.scripts.VstiFromMenu_V1.5.xrnx

2.7 Beta Version:
1796 2_7VstFromMenu0_61.xrnx

2.6 Beta Version
1639 VstiFromMenu0_61.xrnx



Lock Keyboard Focus state should now not be changed by the tool


–Search improved so matches are found alphabetically and so if you type imf as the first letter, plugins beginning with f will be the first to appear. Before it could occur that a plugin containing a different starting letter but had f appearing later in its name, would appear first.

–Jureks / modification added to categorisation definitions.

version 1.3

-added new button to the Search VSTi GUI

Before loading a plugin instrument, press it and you will be taken to the first empty instrument slot in the instrument list. If there are no free slots available, a new one will be created

5803 Load VSTi 1.3.PNG

-Added shortcuts for browsing plugin presets
-Added shortcuts for custom searchboxes
v 0.7-- updated to renoise 2.8 + fixed minor naming issues
v 0.61–Fixed: error when there are no VSTs to find
v.0.6–fixed a potential AU prob
v0.58Added: Support for fx , including plugins and Native
– Accessable in Mixer and Track DSP menus
– Same AutoOpen Gui option available at the bottom of the VST fx menu
v0.57Fixed by conner_bw (thanks): Mac AU issue
v0.56Fixed: Tried a fix on the mac AU issue again
v0.55Added: support for up to a billion VSTs and more for Jonas smile.gif
fixed: mac AU menu mess (hopefully)
v0.54 Added: support for DSSI and AU (linux and mac)
Added: Preference as last menu entry: “AUTO OPEN GUI” which automatically opens the GUI when you load a new plugin
Changed: up to max of 1000 VSTs (previously 100)
Tools page small image backup:

available again as 0.51,

had to do some finetuning of notifiers

Wow. You’re doing some really great job there!
Thank you, Ledger!

nice idea!


+ sorry for the lill offtopic feature request:

Maybe you can do something ‘similar’ in the automation editor, namely: right mouse click and then be able to choose: open vst gui?

When you’ve added a vst to a track and done some automation drawing, you always have to go to the track dsp tab to open de vst window, should also be possible imo in the automation editor.


am I right, that currently only a fixed nr of plugins will be shown? Only vsti starting with a nr or letter a are present.

thanks all for feedback and testing.

a new alpha 0.54 is up with the following:

Any testing from mac and linux users appreciated particularly!


All requests are welcomed and looked at :)

How many VSTis have you got :blink:. The latest 0.54 will now go up to 1000 from previous of 100.

this could increase of course if necessary…

1599 Drevil_million_dollars.jpg

This is brilliant! Thank you.


[quote=“Ledger, post:6, topic:31023”]
How many VSTis have you got :blink:. The latest 0.54 will now go up to 1000 from previous of 100.

this could increase of course if necessary…

1599 Drevil_million_dollars.jpg

:) I’ve got thousands, redundant collector!

  • got an error:

Cool script. You are really kicking ass these days.

Mac AudioUnit ids look like this:

$ rprint([1].plugin_properties.available_plugins)  
[1] => Audio/Generators/AU/aumu:AlpF:LinP  
[2] => Audio/Generators/AU/aumu:AtFr:GOSW  
[3] => Audio/Generators/AU/aumu:aut1:Alfa  

When you load them up, and populate the menus, it looks like this:

1600 AudioUnits.png

You will have to strip out the colons, as that is Renoise’s menu convention. But also, the names are ugly. :( Using the API, I don’t see a way to query the name without loading the plugin.

A tip: Instead of for VSTs = 1,1000 do, why not?

local VSTs = 1  
while[1].plugin_properties.available_plugins[VSTs] ~= false do  
 -- Your code  
 VSTs = VSTs + 1  


The same on the mixer for native effects and vst effects would be amazing ;)

Brilliant script by the way, one of my favs so far

Cool. It is possible to add the option “Do not show hidden plug-ins”? Or show only the plugins from one (few?) groups?

Really nice idea, I’m gonna use this all the time.

could this be added to the tools page? I think it is mature enough

Thanks all for the testing and positive feedback!

Will try and fix for next update

I`ll take a look here also

Thanks this should sort Dr Jonas` “Billion VSTs” :)

Interesting, noted.

Will have to recheck the API for this but from memory I don`t think so.

After the billion VSTs bug is sorted I`ll throw it up there.


neat! ;]

and a silly request, it could be useful to some if there was option/feature to also show fx’s that would then get put on the corresponding buss

Added: support for up to a billion VSTs and more for Jonas :)
fixed: mac AU menu mess (hopefully)

I take it you mean in the right-click menu of the fx lane?

Doesn’t work. Change:

string.gsub(plugins[VSTs].plug_name, ":", "")  


plugins[VSTs].plug_name = string.gsub(plugins[VSTs].plug_name, ":", "")  

And the menus are fixed.

But, the plugins no longer load.

Cheers! Script installed nicely without throwing up an error notice :) . This auto-populating like in conner’s image is that his hack of the script or can I manage the list somehow?

hi, no i mean the same way as with the instruments but instead of showing only instruments it will also (optional) show fx’s. but thinking of it…, i like your idea better.

Is 0.56 any better? If it does work then VSTs and AU`s should be mixed together however.
If there are still troubles I will try and tidy + comment the script more thoroughly and maybe you could give me a hand with an update to keep the macs happy?

New Tool (3.0): Vsti From Menu

Conners image was showing a bug, there is no user way of managing the script like this at the moment.

I may see what I can do when the bugs are ironed out.