New Tool (3.1.1): AKAI Fire Integration (1.1 released 14.06.2019)

AKAI Fire Integration for Renoise 3.1

This tool allows to use AKAI Fire FL Studio controller with Renoise tracker. It packs quite a lot of no-nonsense Renoise features to be available at your fingertips. Note: I made it for myself, so it may or may not suit your tracking style :wink:


  • Navigation in multiples of 16 steps
  • No support for OLED display
  • No support for multiple AKAI Fire controllers
  • Something else I forgot :slight_smile:


  • Mode LEDs show beat position within pattern in binary format: CHANNEL toggles every 1/16 of pattern, MIXER toggles every 1/8, USER 1 - every 1/4 and USER 2 - every 1/2.
  • Pad color in Note mode (or in Drum mode with STEP held) represents note (12 semitones of octave mapped to a hue); active notes (not stopped by note-offs) are showed in a dim color
  • Pad color in Drum mode represents track color
  • Pad color in Performance mode represents track color
  • Pad color in Overview mode: 1st row: current pattern, 3rd row: solo state, 4th row: mute state
  • Tapping pad in Drum mode captures the nearest note/instrument before of after tapped position
  • Both live loop recording and stepped recording are supported (set step size with STEP+⟲/⟳ SELECT and use STEP/SHIFT+STEP to skip steps)

com.fluorumlabs.Fire_V1.1.xrnx (238.8 KB)

Please, report issues here:

Shortcut Reference

Global Shortcuts


Combination Function
PATTERN/SONG Switch “Repeat pattern” on/off
PLAY (Re)start playback of current pattern
WAIT a.k.a. SHIFT+PLAY Continue playback
STOP Stop playback
REC Swith “Edit mode” on/off

Mode selection

Combination Function
NOTE Switch to note step editor (see Note/Drum Mode Shortcuts)
DRUM Switch to pattern (see Note/Drum Mode Shortcuts)
PERFORM Cycle between pattern matrix mode (see Performance Mode Shortcuts) and mixer mide (see Overview Mode Shortcuts)
BROWSE Activate instrument selection panel (see Browser Shortcuts)


Combination Function
SNAP a.k.a. SHIFT+NOTE Switch live record quantize on/off
TAP a.k.a. SHIFT+DRUM Switch pattern editor block loop on/off
OVERVIEW a.k.a. SHIFT+PERFORM Show/hide spectrum analyzer
METRONOME a.k.a. SHIFT+PATTERN/SONG Switch “Metronome” on/off
COUNTDOWN a.k.a. SHIFT+STOP Switch “Metronome pre-count” on/off
LOOP REC a.k.a. SHIFT+REC Switch “Follow player” on/off

Browser Shortcuts

Combination Function
⟲ SELECT Select previous instrument
⟳ SELECT Select next instrument

Note/Drum Mode Shortcuts


Combination Function
▲ PATTERN Scroll up
▼ PATTERN Scroll down
▶ GRID Scroll right (show next page of 16 steps)
◀ GRID Scroll left (show previous page of 16 steps)
SHIFT+▲ PATTERN Select previous track
SHIFT+▼ PATTERN Select next track
ALT+▲ PATTERN Insert new track before current
ALT+▼ PATTERN Insert new track after current
SHIFT+ALT+▲ PATTERN Delete current track and select previous
SHIFT+ALT+▼ PATTERN Delete current track and select next
SHIFT+*MUTE* Add new note column
ALT+*MUTE* Duplicate note column
SHIFT+ALT+*MUTE* Clear note column or delete if it’s empty throughout the whole song
STEP Move cursor to next step in pattern editor
SHIFT+STEP Move cursor to previous step in pattern editor
STEP+⟲/⟳ SELECT Change step size


Combination Function
*PAD* Select note column line in pattern (also set/clear step in Drum Mode)
*PAD*+*PAD* Select block in pattern
SHIFT+*PAD* Select block in pattern, starting at previously selected note column line
*MUTE* Select whole note column or whole track


Combination Function
STEP+*PAD* Set/clear note off
⟲/⟳ VOLUME Adjust selection volume
⟲/⟳ PANNING Adjust selection panning
⟲/⟳ FILTER Adjust selection delay
⟲/⟳ RESONANCE Adjust hue color of current track
⟲/⟳ SELECT Transpose selection
ALT+⟲/⟳ SELECT Increment/decrement instrument within selection
ALT+SHIFT+VOLUME/PANNING/FILTER (touch) Clear volume/panning/delay of selection
MODE+VOLUME/PANNING (touch) Interpolate volume/panning within selection

Block operations

Combination Function
ALT+*PAD* Paste selection at desired position
SHIFT+ALT+*PAD* Clear selection
SHIFT+⟲/⟳ SELECT Move selected block forward/backward, or rotate, if whole pattern is selected
SHIFT+▶ GRID Shift page content (16 steps) to next page
SHIFT+◀ GRID Shift page content (16 steps) to previous page
ALT+▶ GRID Duplicate page content (16 steps) to next page
ALT+◀ GRID Duplicate page content (16 steps) to previous page
SHIFT+ALT+▶ GRID Clear current page (16 steps) and select next
SHIFT+ALT+◀ GRID Clear current page (16 steps) and select previous


Combination Function
STEP+*MUTE* Switch slot mute for current track

Performance Mode Shortcuts


Combination Function
▲ PATTERN Scroll up
▼ PATTERN Scroll down
⟲/⟳ SELECT Scroll up/down
▶ GRID Scroll right
◀ GRID Scroll left


Combination Function
*PAD* Select slot
*PAD*+*PAD* Duplicate slot
ALT+*PAD* Duplicate selected slot
SHIFT+*PAD* Move selected slot
SHIFT+ALT+*PAD* Clear slot
⟲/⟳ VOLUME Adjust mixer volume for selected track
⟲/⟳ PANNING Adjust mixer panning for selected track
⟲/⟳ RESONANCE Adjust hue color for selected track
SHIFT+*MUTE* Add new pattern to sequence
ALT+*MUTE* Duplicate pattern in sequence
SHIFT+ALT+*MUTE* Delete pattern from sequence


Combination Function
*MUTE* Schedule pattern/start playback if stopped
STEP+*MUTE* Switch to pattern immediately
STEP+*PAD* Mute/unmute slot

Overview Mode Shortcuts

Combination Function
*PAD* (1st row) Select slot
*PAD* (3rd row) Toggle track solo
*PAD* (4th row) Toggle track mute
⟲/⟳ VOLUME Adjust mixer volume for selected track
⟲/⟳ PANNING Adjust mixer panning for selected track
⟲/⟳ RESONANCE Adjust hue color for selected track

ah man ! this is so cool

im gonna test it tonight with my fire controller !!

Be prepared: this is the first version ever, so expect failures :wink:


Okay, after 2 weeks of struggling, I managed to make it actually work. That is, the new version (download link below or in the first message) addresses the issues I discovered while using this controller for real.

I fixed the bugs, improved track editing (made some shortcuts a bit more intuitive) and also added “Overview” mode showing current playing pattern tracks together with solo and mutes.

com.fluorumlabs.Fire_V1.1.xrnx (238.8 KB)

P.S. Please, report your findings here:


i was just trying this !! most of the features you programmed in the tool work great

but i would love if you can integrate the (note mode) the same way it works in FL by locking the pads to an specific scale and root note !!

that would be amazing

Excited to try this new version!!!

Old thread, but I’m curious to read opinions about this. Has anyone used it with Renoise 3.2? What is the layout scheme in Note Mode? Would it be easy to convert it to, say, Fourth Strings Layout? (I’ve seen the Lua, but there’s 3000 lines of it, and I couldn’t figure anything out.)

I’m using this with the current Renoise, just want to let everyone know it works perfect still.

Very interesting and cool implementation.

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