New Tool (3.1) Automation Single Slider

Well, it’s pretty damn great as it is… if it never changed it’d still be great.

Two new shortcuts added for faster browsing through your automated parameters.

They will open the automation lane if it isn’t already. Unlike the tools gui selection method, you don’t have to choose the next device manually, these shortcuts just take you up and down the renoise automations list.

AUS Next Automated Parameter

AUS Previous Automated Parameter

Now added:

Duplicate Automation Selection shortcut:

Make a selection in the automation editor, press the shortcut and that selection repeated after itself.

Testing on this one is appreciated as it was a pain to implement, so any bugfixes would be much easier with the code fresh in my mind

`AUS` Duplicate Automation Selection"

also recently added:

Two new shortcuts added for faster browsing through your automated parameters.

They will open the automation lane if it isn’t already. Unlike the tools gui selection method, you don’t have to choose the next device manually, these shortcuts just take you up and down the renoise automations list.

AUS Next Automated Parameter

AUS Previous Automated Parameter

Writing from vst control can be done and was already made in my tuned shortcuts tool. It works. But it is unstable, renoise can crash, especially with old vsts .

Are we talking a hard crash that takes down Renoise (with or without saving a backup), or a scripting error (with or without a warning message)?

Devs need to know about anything that can take down the software like that…

I would love to see an option to write modulation even if i dont move by the knob (so you can easily overdub previously recorded modulations) with some resolution setting(like write point for every 4 lines). Just idea )

Right, I`ve just added this to 0.85 (without resolution control)

When enabled the the Latch mode button has two colours; red and orange. When orange it means it is armed so the next time you use the large rotary the overdubbing will occur. When the overdubbing is occuring it remains red. It automatically goes back to orange (armed) when the transport stops or you change parameters. You can also toggle it off again by re-pressing the button.

  • bugfix: also updated the automation writing function so that it will overwrite dots that occur between lines.

  • see a couple of posts up for new recent keyboard shortcuts

Small update.

Labels changed for clarity:

This really is a great tool. Here are a couple off suggestions:

  1. Make the grabber [G] available for all parameters, not only VST’s.
  2. Auto grabber. So that whatever slider that was touched last will be choosen.
  3. Automation on/off button, so it would be possible to move the knob without writing automation, but still controlling the chosen parameter.

Suggestion 2 and 3 together would give a very handy usage of the tool when controling “single slider” with a external midicontroller.
This would give instant physical knob access to control every last parameter that was touched. Very cool.
Example: if I want my external midiknob to control any parameter in renoise, I just click the parameter and the single slider then directly grabs it so I can control it with my midi controller. This would off course need an option to turn off the automation so I can use this feature just to make adjustments without automating.

Possible? Would be very powerful.

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For 2. Unfortunately this could add too much overhead as some plugs have many parameters which need to be watched/checked each time you do a grab operation.

For 3. this could be added easily enough, but may not be so useful then without 2…

  1. Make the grabber [G] available for all parameters, not only VST’s.

Could be added, but again were you thinking of this in conjunction with 2 and 3?

The autograb function is not necessary. The other two suggestions together would be just as good.

A [G] button for all parameters would give a powerful tool to very quickly bind any parameter to a single midi knob (better tactile response than using the mouse). With the addition of a keyboard shortcut for [G] it would be even better than autograb.

An automation-write-on/off-switch, in conjunction with the [G] button for all parameters (with keyboard shortcut), would make this tool handy either for just editing parameters or writing automation using the midi knob.

So, yes - I was thinking: suggestion 1 in conjunction with 3. But the most important of the two, I think is [G] for all parameters.

About the on/off switch for writing of automation: even better would be if the single slider only write automation when record is enabled in the main window. No new button needed in the tool.

Another suggestion: allow choice of wrtiting automation either to envelope or to the pattern. There already is a switch for this in the pattern editor, so no new button is needed in the tool.

Automation Heaven! Thank you very much, great job.

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-v 0.88

  • Latch mode now auto cleans up repeated values it added when transport stops


  • Made the red button color less vivid for latch mode

  • Added a new menu and shortcut called Flatten Selection Range. First make a selection in the automation editor, use shortcut/menu and it will delete all the points between the two outer points. It allows you to be less precise in your selection vs ‘ctrl X’ and is a global shortcut so editor doesn’t have to have focus

keybind: `AUS` Flatten Selection Range"

  1. Select range:

Flatten 1

  1. After using menu or shortcut: (notice two outer points are kept in tact)

flatten 2

v 0.9

  • Now the device names in the top popup will have a “~” when there is any automation for that device in the whole track. Makes it much easier to keep an overview of active automations from the tool. (now upgraded to [x] for ‘number of parameters automated’ in v0.93 )

  • Improved efficiency when in latch mode

  • Added a menu so you can fill all empty automations in the track to the current value (also a shortcut available)

empty patterns current value


v 0.92

  • Efficiency increase

  • Now devices/plugs are shown by their short names in the top popup

Just looking at these suggestions (sorry either missed these replies or forgot to answer before). Doesn’t look like @Riko is active much here at the moment but since I’m updating this tool I did have a look into this.

The on/off switch would unfortunately not be easy to implement as renoise natively doesn’t have a way to bypass automation. You’d have to trash it and rewrite after or do some hackery with cloning devices. - I can see It would be a nice feature if easier, particularly for MIDI controller use.

Writing to the pattern editor is another thing I’ve looked at but due to pretty much “any fx possible anywhere”, things can get pretty out of hand easily - I’m having a go with this in ICHS but not sure how reliable end result will be. The difference with that tool though is that you specifically select columns to be working with (as part of normal workflow)

re: the [G] button suggestion for native effects still doable. If Riko or anyone is interested/ would use it, I could still add it?

v 0.94

  • Now the total number of automations in the track is shown along with the track name at the top of the tool:

num autos track

v 0.93

  • Now the number of automated parameters for each device can be seen in the selected device list. You can see in the picture below that the TrackVolPan has [2] automated parameters in the song and the DC offset has [1].

This does not count any direct pattern command automation. It’s also worth noting generally for renoise, that if you have pattern commands for the same parameter, the automation envelopes will override them if occuring in the same pattern.


v 0.95

  • The readout for the number of automations in the track has now been changed to a button. When you press it you will get a list of all the automated parameters in the song and what track they are on. There is also a dropdown to choose the renoise selected track. (if you need refresh the info you will need to close and reopen the window again)/ - Refresh button now added in later version.
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v 0.97 (re-uploaded with added new shortcut)

  • New Shortcut `AUS` Show Pattern Editor Then Toggle DSP/Auto Lane. If you are in the mixer etc, the first hit of the shortcut takes you back to the pattern editor. When the pattern editor is in view the shortcut toggles between the DSP and automation lanes

  • Added Refresh Button for the new window popup (press after making new/ deleting automations etc.)

v 0.96

  • The readout on the new window has been replaced with a dropdown, so you can choose to go to any automation in the song from it. It still doesn’t update (when open) as you update the song, so close and open it as needed to keep it refreshed. (0.97 refresh button added now)

for each track you can see the active automations numbered Accessed still from the top left button on main tool gui.

Choose Any Automation From Whole Song Here :

auto song drop down

If once chosen you cant see any automation, try double-clicking on the scroll bar in the renoise auto editor to zoom out to whole track.

auto scroll bar

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Starting Post For Recent Features Since 0.88

v 0.99

  • Added New [Prev] and [Next] buttons to the ‘Automations In Song’ Window. If you have added bypass commands in the pattern FX columns (not auto envelopes) but don’t know where they are located, these buttons will take you to them one at a time. Saves a lot of searching through the FX lanes. Status updates given.

    The selected device you are checking is shown above the buttons.


prev next

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