New Tool (3.1): ColTools

Hey guys,

I spent the weekend writing my first lua script, and it became a renoise tool :smile:

This tool adds some assignable keyboard shortcuts under Global/Tools. These shortcuts are effecting only the currently selected note or effects column in a track.

The shortcuts are:

  • Repeat: The block of lines above the cursor is repeated until pattern end, starting from the currently selected line. For example you type in some notes or effects in line 1-7, place the cursor in line 8, and have the first two beats repeated. Notes and effects are repeated independently.

  • Increase/Decrease Instrument: Sets the instrument for a note column. Do it repeatedly, and you can simply browse through all available instruments for your song

  • Increase/Decrease Shuffle: Increases or decreases the delay column value of every 2nd and 4th line.

  • Rotate up/down: Rotates the column content up or down. Notes and effects are rotated independently.

I wrote these to speed up editing of basslines or drum tracks. As a Renoise noob I’m pretty sure I have reinvented some wheels, but it was great practice.

Hope you find it as useful as I do. Have fun!

de.sycokay.coltools_V1.xrnx (2.7 KB)


Welcome and thanks for sharing your new script!

Hey, thanks! I’m pretty amazed of what can be done with the scripting feature of Renoise. Makes me like it even more :grinning:

Still in awe when I see what other people do with it. You can basically write your own DAW without having to mess with the no-fun parts. That’s great, because whenever making music I run into things I want to speed up or automate, and now I don’t have to nag the devs anymore :upside_down_face:

Next project will be to make my Akai Midimix a useful controller…:yum: