New Tool (3.1) Device Sergeant (June 2017)

Thank you so much. It seems to work flawlessly. I tried to run it on a few large projects. It hasn’t reported any false positives yet.

Good stuff!

I’ll tidy the code and change the device count to start at 1 for next version, probably get it on the tools site soon.

Great! An option to delete the inactive devices would be useful as well. Just in case, it’s easy to implement.

TBH it’s probably best to leave it to user to delete the devices manually with this. There is always a risk of a mis-scan (or some unseen API bug) leading to unwanted consequences here.

I added a re-check button though that may make it easier to keep a track of things as you go along deleting. Also changed the device count to start at 1 for first device:

unused devs

Shortcut: Search For Inactive Devices

That’s just great. Thanks a lot.

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v1.2 Should make things a little easier aswell:

  • Tracks are now grouped in the readout


devs in song

Shortcut: Search For Inactive Devices

Does it also search for on/off automation of the devices?

yes, searches pattern fx ‘on’ commands and envelope editor ‘on’ automations.

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