New Tool (3.1) Device Sergeant (June 2017)

In the side-chain tool they should sync automatically in the side-chain send tracks, when the gui is open anyway? --might be a bug or limitation if not working properly

This tool can be used on any ‘named group of DSPs’ of your choice. So e.g. you can rename 3 filters (of the same type) to “Filt 1” and control the cutoff/ res parameters for all together, no matter what track they are on.

Macro renaming can be done via the gui of the tool aswell: All devices named Filter -> Filt 1

though you need to do it manually if you only want to rename a sub-set of devices, say half of the devices already named filter.

0.58, minor: delete button now red

Now up on tools site:


-Added Prev and Next device buttons [<][>] to navigate through all the selected device instances

7647 Prev next dev sergeant.PNG

-Minor update to device count readout, shows what device you have selected in format: (current/total)

I can foresee so many situations that makes autamation control better.

Great work!

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Your mention of automation gave me an idea for a button for the empty space…

version 0.63:

New button added: [Map Hydra]

This button adds a Hydra device after the currently selected device. It then routes the selected parameter for all the devices selected by the tool to the Hydra–(Hydra Max-parameter-count is 9, so only first 9 devices can be routed).

(see above post for [Map Hydra] button)


-Fixed a few small bugs,
-improved gui feedback
-you can now sync mixer devices

v0.65 up on tools site

-Hydra initial Input slider now sets to same as tool parameter slider value


-Added 4 new “nudge” buttons beneath the main slider.

These nudge all targeted parameters while keeping their relative positions unlike the slider which sets all values to the same amount.

(NOTE: relative positions are not preserved once sliders get to max/ min values)

v 0.70 Updated menu behaviour to always open/ re-initialise the tool and bring it to front and centre
v 0.66 Added 4 new “nudge” buttons beneath the main slider.

Now on Tools site with updated menu behaviour.

Ledger, this tool is a lifesaver!! Thank you, sir.

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Added a button that will take you to the next (if any) missing plug.

i.e. For when loading an old xrns and there are missing/unloaded VST fx in the mixer.
If no missing plugs found then pressing button gives a status message.

You can also delete all instances of the selected missing plug, with Delete All button if wanted .

  • NOTE: as of v1.12, this button will not be visible on startup unless there are missing plugs in the song.

find missing device

Plug not found


v1.12 - fixes a bug that would fire error when a plug had no parameters e.g. an analysis plug.
.Also new […] button will not show up on startup if there are no missing plugs
v1.11 - fixes small bug when a single device is present in current track before the selected device

Related tool:

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v 1.15

-Now added solo button which will solo all the tracks that contain the selected device

dev seargeant solo

v1.17 in lower post

v 1.16

-Solo function deals with groups better:

  • Group Tracks without the selected device on them or in one of its members will be muted as expected.
  • If a Group Track has the selected device on it, it will be unmuted along with all of its members. So now you hear the correct audio going through that instance of the selected device.
  • If a track has the selected device on it, the parent group will now be unmuted too. Again so you can hear the audio passing through.


Known/discovered Issue (now fixed in renoise 3.3)

Some parts of tool will not work correctly when you have collapsed groups, such as [<][>] buttons. Currently not possible to work around because of this bug:

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Hi Tool King Ledger!
Can you also identify unused DSP’s (DSP’s which are never turned on throughout a song) with this tool?


Afraid not, closest thing is detecting all pattern on/off commands for a DSP with latest version of Auto Slider. So you could select that DSP and check if it’s turned on in any patterns in the song - it won’t check the automation lanes for on/offs though.

v 1.17


  • The […] button text is changed to [Missing] to be clearer, when missing plugs are found.

  • If you have collapsed tracks and you un-collapse them with using the [<] [>] buttons, it will temporarily remember their state while the GUI is left open. You can restore them by pressing the button. If you close the GUI first though, the collapsed tracks will be forgotten and you would have to re-set them manually.

v 1.17

collapse tracks

OK, thanks. Would be great if any of your DSP related tools could do this (on a song level). That is, report DSP’s which are not turned on 1. in the song’s initial state, or 2. by track comands or automation later on.



Managed to modify the code from Auto Slider to make this feature. It seems to fit best with this tool.

It will need some testing so I wouldn’t rely on it until you are happy that you are not getting false positives. Let me know how you get on.


  • It searches all patterns including hidden and not just those present in the sequencer
  • device count of 2 = first user added device (should be changed in upcoming versions)

Shortcut: Search For Inactive Devices

unused devices